Prague Day 2 | Up the Hill

Last week, I showed you all some pictures of my first day in Prague, in which we visited Old Town. Today, I am talking about day 2, and called it “up the hill”. You’ll see why in a second. 

That morning, we decided to visit the Petrin Tower. It’s kind of an imitation of the Eiffel Tower, only smaller. However, as it is situated on a quite the hill, it was used as an observation tower. Usually, a railway train takes you to the top of the hill, right to the Petrin tower. However when we arrived, we were surprised to see it was closed until March. So we decided to walk up the hill. WHAT A WORKOUT THAT WAS. But the view was so worth it, as you can see. 


Standing on the hill, and especially in the tower, gives you the most beautiful view of the city. On the left of the picture, you can see a sneak peak of Prague Castle and the St. Vitus Cathedral which we visited later that day. Just look at that view guys! 


After visiting the Petrin tower and taking our time absorbing the view, we decided to walk on to the Strahov Monastery. This was one of my most anticipated sights to see, because of its gorgeous library. Now, you can’t actually walk around in the library halls because they are trying to conserve the books and fresco’s present. But you still get quite the view from the doorway. 

Just look at that… A warning though, if you’re visiting, you need to pay for photo permission in the library. 

Then, we walked to the Prague Castle. Now, the special thing about this castle is that the St. Vitus Cathedral is located completely within the castle. It’s kind of impossible to take a picture of the front of the cathedral because it’s so huge and you’re within the walls of the castle, but I took some pictures inside, and even one of the back. 


Those are the main pictures of my trip to Prague! I hope you liked them. It was an absolutely incredible trip, and I’m so grateful I could go. 

9 thoughts on “Prague Day 2 | Up the Hill

  1. Wow ! Seems like an amazing city to visit. In general, I have always felt that the former “Oostblok” is home to a very rich, but sadly not well known, cultural heritage.
    And of course: that library, that’s my ultimate man cave 😉


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