Weekly Wrap Up | March #4

what i read 80c8b0

one day soon

One Day Soon (One Day Soon #1) by A. Meredith Walters // ★★★★ // I felt like reading a romance book this week, so I started reading this one as I had it on my Kindle app. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it. In a way, it’s a unique story. And don’t be fooled, it involves people who have had a rough life. Yet there is hope too? I’ll have a full review up for this one tomorrow, explaining more. 

I didn’t really read all that much this week. I’m reading The China Study by T. Colin Campbell too. It’s a non-fiction book about nutrition, so it’s a much slower read. 

what i watched 80c8b0


Brooklyn // ★★★★★ // I’d heard so much about this movie. And you know what, they didn’t even do it justice. This is such an AMAZING movie! It has many aspects to it. It’s a romance story, but an understated and realistic/adorable one. It’s a story about a girl who leaves her family behind to find a home in a different country. It’s about being homesick. Discovering new things, and finding a new community and home. So many great topics are woven into this story. Yet it never feels too much? In fact, this was a very calming movie to me. Everything seemed understated, instead of blown up into drama. I think this is going to become one of my favorite movies. Please go watch it! Saoirse Ronan did a fantastic job portraying Ellis. And I loved Emery Cohen as Tony. I’ll definitely be following these people’s careers more. 

in real life 80c8b0

This week. I have absolutely no words. As some of you may know, I am a university student. So during the weeks, I live in Brussels. This week, I was ill and decided not to go. What a decision that ended up being. I don’t really have much to say about it, other than me, my friends and family are all safe. I can’t deal with these people defiling my city. So to show them we are not afraid, life went on here. We went back to school on Thursday. Stores and markets opened again. I’d like to imagine this week never happened.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up | March #4

  1. So sad what happened in Brussels – I don’t even have words for it but I’m glad you and your family stayed safe.
    Brooklyn – I thought it was a lovely film, about growing up i suppose, and beautifully shot and well acted.
    Lynn 😀


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