Review: Danny Dirks and the Heir of Pendragon

danny dirks and the heir of pendragon

Danny Dirks and the heir of Pendragon (Danny Dirks #1) by S.A. Mulraney
Published: 01.09.2014

Genre: Fantasy, YA
Rating: 3.5/5 stars

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I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

SynopsisDanny Dirks wants nothing more than to play baseball in his father’s orchard now that school is out, but he’s finding out that he is no ordinary boy. With the approach of his fifteenth birthday, Danny’s begun hearing voices and seeing visions of his dead mother. He’s also fairly certain that the cute girl next door is really a shape-shifting dragon. All of these things lead Danny to the discovery that he is the heir of the legendary Arthur Pendragon and the linchpin in a pact established between man and dragon centuries ago. Now, rogue dragons threaten that pact and the peace that comes with it. They aim to reopen the portal through which they originally came to Earth in order to bring back a rebel dragon army. It’s up to Danny to learn to channel the power that is Excalibur and, with his new friends, prevent the portal from being opened.


I’ve had this review book for far too long, and I’m ashamed. So I finally decided to pick this book up last week! I’m actually glad I did. I thought it was an enjoyable read. It’s a YA fantasy novel about DRAGONS. Yay! 


The story revolves around Danny, a boy about to turn fifteen. Not only his father and sister are there to celebrate, his grandfather is coming to visit as well. Danny doesn’t see him very often, because his mother -so his grandfather’s daughter- passed away. Crazy stuff is happening suddenly, surrounding his birthday. I quite enjoyed the plot of this book! It isn’t the first book in which a boy/girl discovers they are special. In this case, Danny is a descendant of King Arthur! 

What I enjoyed most about the story line is that it was not rushed. It wasn’t like someone told him: “you’re a descendant of King Arthur and dragons are real!” and he was like “oh okay, let’s save the world!”. I really find that interesting. Let’s be real, if someone from your family told you this, you’d probably think they were a lunatic. So I appreciated that the discovery and acceptance of those facts went slowly here. 

It’s no secret that I love dragons. The world Danny discovers here is quite intriguing, although I wish I knew more about it? Basically, dragons accidentally came to our world and can change into humans. I’ll leave the rest for you to find out on your own, and I’ll just say: like humans, not every dragon is peaceful and kind. 

I really enjoyed the story of this novel, and I read it in about 3 or 4 hours! I only put it down once, because it was dinner time. If you like YA and dragons, maybe give this a chance! I have to admit that I “only” gave it 3.5 stars because although I enjoyed it, I don’t think it was anything remarkable or special. It was just a fun, enjoyable read. 


Danny is the main character in this book. Like I said, he finds out he is a descendant of King Arthur. I quite enjoyed Danny as a main character! I liked him, the way he treated his friends, how much he loves his family… Those aspects of a novel are important to me. Real life is about friendships and family, so I don’t understand why books often leave them out? Especially family. I have to admit that the one thing I didn’t like was the romance. It just came out of nowhere! I was so confused, and went back to check I didn’t miss a few pages or so. So that was a definite no-go. But other than that, I quite enjoyed Danny. 

You know who I loved most in this book though? Danny’s sister. She’s 2 years younger, and they are so close. She even picks out his clothes in the morning. I absolutely loved their bond. Maybe I identified with her more because I have an older brother too? Although he’s 5 years older and I have never been allowed to pick out his clothes.

Like I mentioned, family and friends are so prevalent in this novel, which makes me happy. It’s important to have friends and family you can rely on in life, and I feel like that should be reflected in books. 

I quite enjoyed this book. It’s a fun YA fantasy with dragons, which is straight up my alley to be honest. Aside from the dragon aspect, I loved the fact that Danny’s family and friends are so important to him, and appear constantly throughout the book. The only thing I really didn’t like is the romance. Where did it come from? Oh no, that’s not true. There is one other thing I’m really upset about: WHY IS THERE NO INFORMATION ABOUT THE SEQUEL? I must know more, that can’t have been the ending!

7 thoughts on “Review: Danny Dirks and the Heir of Pendragon

  1. It frustrates me when there’s a big revelation to a character and they’re just like “Okay, cool” and I’m like WHAT NO WHY AREN’T YOU FLAILING RIGHT NOW?! I’m also glad to hear this has family in as I love family and books that contain family. Great review, Jolien! 🙂


  2. I’ve never heard of this book but now it definitely got my attention! I love dragons and fantasy so now I have a new book in my TBR 😛


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