Top Ten Tuesday: These Books Are Made for Laughing

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week I will make a list of 10 books, authors or other bookish things surrounding a certain topic. Today, the topic is “Books that will make you laugh or chuckle”. I guess everyone’s choices depend on their sense of humor. These are all books that either made me laugh, smile and/or chuckle. 

Hounded (Iron Druid #1) by Kevin Hearne // As you’ll notice from this list, I love witty humor and banter. Atticus’ conversations with his dog, Oberon, are fantastic. I laughed out loud several times while reading this. It’s such a fun urban fantasy novel about a Druid – who happens to be 21 centuries old. 

The Spirit Thief (Legend of Eli Monpress #1) by Rachel Aaron // Like I said, I love wit. Eli is a genius character, in my opinion. He’s impulsive, and always does what he wants. Add to that his endless charm, and you’ll get a chuckle-worthy book in my opinion.

The Martian by Andy Weir // What made this book so incredible, is Mark Watney’s sense of humor. He’s all alone, stuck on Mars. Yet he manages to make everything hilarious. The humor makes the more dry knowledge of chemistry, botany and physics more interesting too. 

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson #1) by Rick Riordan // Percy’s sense of humor is sarcastic humor. Which is in my opinion, the best kind. It makes for such incredible comebacks in dialogue! If you want a fun read, that will definitely make you laugh, smile and chuckle, go read this. 

The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard #1) by Scott Lynch // Again, another amazing book full of witty humor. I guess this is a darker sense of humor than books like Percy Jackson, as this book involves a lot of swearing too. But the Gentleman Bastards are so incredibly funny! Don’t get me wrong, I love Jean and Locke’s banter. But I’ll always love Calo and Galdo too. 

The Crown Tower (Riyria Chronicles #1) by Michael J. Sullivan // I love this one mostly because of the banter between Royce and Hadian. Throughout both the series, honestly. Their friendship is incredible, yet it still has to start in this book. It grows so much, and they both change for the better thanks to the other, in my opinion. Their conversations always manage to make me chuckle.

Written in Red (The Others #1) by Anne Bishop // What makes this book chuckle-worthy to me, is seeing how Meg, Simon, Vlad and the others are trying to puzzle out human behavior. Meg hasn’t really been allowed to fend for herself, and Simon and Vlad are obviously not human. So everyday things to us, are a mystery to them. Such as chick flicks, which do not have any baby chickens in them whatsoever. 

Rat Queens Vol. 1: Sass & Sorcery by Kurtis J. Wiebe // The Rat Queens are hilarious, in my opinion. Again, not a book I’d recommend if you don’t like graphic content or swearing. If you do, please give this a go! 

Succubus Blues (Georgina Kincaid #1) by Richelle Mead // There’s just something about Georgina Kincaid’s character I absolutely adore. She’s hilarious -and a succubus, if you hadn’t gotten that from the title. I liked her character and the addictive story-line so much,  I read this entire series in a few days. 

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Harry Potter #1) by J.K. Rowling // I will always love Harry Potter. And every book manages to make me laugh. Whether it’s Ron being sarcastic or Fred and George pranking someone. There’s always something to smile about. 

So those are 10 books that always manage to make me laugh out loud, smile or chuckle! I’m sorry that this post went up a few hours late. I usually have time to schedule it during the weekend, but it’s been a crazy week. Have you read any of these? Which books make you laugh?

48 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: These Books Are Made for Laughing

  1. So awesome that we both had The Martian! I really should have put Harry Potter on my list too. I just read the series for the first time ever and it has its moments of hilarity. I love Harry’s sass.


  2. Fred and George made me laugh through the entire HP series, can’t believe I missed them off my list! I haven’t read The Martian yet, but I saw the film and loved Watney’s sense of humor, so I imagine the book is going to make me laugh a lot! Great list 🙂


  3. The Martian and Tricked (The Iron Druid Chronicles #4) made my list this week too! 🙂 I just picked up a copy of The Crown Tower recently and I’m really looking forward to starting in on it.

    Check out my TTT.


  4. I wouldn’t have thought The Gentlemen Bastards as a funny series so that’s good to know. A little snark and humor always helps! And Rat Queens- yeah that looks like it would be funny too!


  5. Great list! Percy Jackson also made my list, but I didn’t even think about Harry Potter, which definitely always puts a smile on my face. I also loved the Martian film, but still have to read the book, so I’m looking forward to laughing quite a bit when I finally get round to it!
    Heres my TTT


  6. I love how Lies of Locke Lamora has appeared on so many lists today! I guess I never found it “haha” funny, but the series is a ton of fun to read. Also, I agree with The Martian. I listened to the audiobook and the narrator was so good at capturing Mark Watney’s sense of humor that it was even funnier!


    1. I don’t know if it’s truly “haha” funny, but I remember smiling and chuckling all throughout the book! I think it’s just that the banter is so great, and their sense of humor is so sarcastic. I love that, which made me laugh the entire way through (right up until the ending, then I wasn’t laughing anymore). Oh, the audiobook! That must have been wonderful. I think when I’ll re-read this one day, I’ll listen to the audio book too.


  7. The Lies of Locke Lamora is a fun read! Need to read the sequels soon.
    The Martian is mentioned by a lot of people, never thought it was a funny book. Gonna check it out.


  8. Favorite line from the Martian (that perfectly illustrates what you said about making the science side easier to tolerate too.) “My arse is doing as much to keep me alive as my brain is.”


      1. I’ve been lucky enough to have not heard one o_O Betcha I’m going to turn to whomever is with me and say that particular line as soon as I do, though. They probably won’t get it, but I’ll be cackling.


  9. The Gentleman Bastards always make me giggle. I didn’t include them in my TTT today as I’m talking about them so much anyway with the read-along, but they get all the love.


  10. I see Rick Riordan on so many lists. I have The Lies of Locke Lamora to read on my shelf. I actually have all three that are currently out so I really need to get to reading them, clearly.


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