Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Picked Up on a Whim

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week I will make a list of 10 books, authors or other bookish things surrounding a certain topic. Today, the topic is “Ten Books I Picked Up On A Whim”. 

Rome: The Emperor’s Spy (Rome #1) by M.C. Scott // TBR // I love Ancient Rome, yet I’ve barely read any books set in that time period. When I saw this book (and its sequel) for cheap at Boekenfestijn, I decided to pick it up. That’s the effect the bookfest has on me Everything is so cheap, so I pick things up I’ve never heard of before.

Allies and Assassins (Allies and Assassins #1) by Justin Somper // READ // I got this one on Bookdepository because it was only like €4! I actually quite liked this book. It’s a fun YA fantasy read.

Stormbird (Wars of the Roses #1) by Conn Iggulden // TBR // This was on sale in my favorite bookstore. Instead of being €21, it was €4. That’s such a bargain! I haven’t read it though. I remember reading one of this author’s books years ago, and really enjoying it. So I’m hoping I’ll like this one too.

Insurrection (Insurrection #1) by Robyn Young // TBR // Okay, there’s a story behind this one. When I was like 15, I read one of this author’s books in Dutch. Then, years later, I saw her name on a book at the bookfest and picked it up. But it was the second book in this series! So of course, I had to pick up the first book later. Still haven’t read it, but I have high hopes.

Empire in Black and Gold (Shadows of the Apt #1) by Adrian Tchaikovsky // READ // I actually got this one after my work experience at Pan Macmillan. I was allowed to choose 5 books from their shelves, which they would send to me. I’ve already read this book, and quite enjoyed it. I do want to continue on with the series, but I haven’t picked up the sequels yet. 

The Love Verb by Jane Green // TBR // Another bookfest pick! I apparently only tend to buy books I know nothing about when they’re cheap. Hey, can’t take that risk if they’re expensive, right? This seemed like a nice adult fiction read. I’ll let you know if it is when I’ve actually read it. 

The Emperor’s Knife (Knife & Tower #1) by Mazarkis Williams // TBR // This I also picked up in a sale in my favorite bookstore! I haven’t really heard anything about it, but it seems like an interesting fantasy read! I also picked up the second book during the sale.

The King’s Last Song by Geoff Ryman // TBR // This one I got from my library sale in Brussels. I believe it was like €2? I don’t know anything about it, really. I must have liked the synopsis when I read it though, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it. 

Kraken by China Miéville // TBR //  I bought this one in the same library sale! I had heard of this author before, but never read any of his books. He’s known for writing weird fiction. And I truly mean, weird. I think this is about a squid that goes missing, and a cult that worships it?

Alter of Bones by Philip Carter // TBR // Another bookfest pick. This seemed like a solid thriller. I got a beautiful hardcover of this for only €5. I still have to read it though. Story of my life. 

Those are my picks for this week. Have you read any of these? If so, what did you think of them? Also, let me know if you also tend to pick up books you don’t know anything about when they’re cheap/on sale! 

27 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Picked Up on a Whim

  1. That’s the first time I’ve seen that cover for Empire in Black and Gold, wow, it’s gorgeous. And Kraken by Mieville was an impulse buy for me too, but I wish I had chosen something else by him because it was so weird!


  2. I can’t believe I have never heard of any of these books before. That’s a first. Assuming from the covers I’d get they’re all high fantasy or historical, right? Not my usual genre, I’m more of a YA contemporary/magical realism girl. I need to branch out more!


  3. I am going to look into Rome. I love books on Ancient Rome, too. (Okay, I just love history.) I’ve read a few set in that time period that I love like Medicus and SPQR.


  4. I have a few books by China Mieville (also from library book sales!) but haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. I’m hoping for good things once I do though!


  5. I’ve been tempted to buy Tchaikovsky’s book based on the cover alone. There just so look so beautiful. Also, I’ve had Rome: the Eagle of the Twelfth on my shelf for a while now. I just realized that it’s a series. 😧


  6. Great list! I haven’t heard of any of these books yet but they look intriguing. Unfortunately I haven’t been really good at picking up books on a whim but I do think I’m missing out on a lot of great books that way so I’ll have to work on that 🙂


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