Weekly Wrap Up | June #4

what i read 80c8b0

The Broken Kingdoms (Inheritance #2) by N.K. Jemisin // ★★★★★ // I continued the trilogy this week, with The Broken Kingdoms. This book was so incredible! I loved the characters so much, and it showed me a completely different side to many of them. I also loved the name Shiny. It makes me smile.

Snow Like Ashes (Snow Like Ashes #1) by Sara Raasch // ★★★.5 // I’d heard really great things about this YA fantasy novel. I liked it well enough, but I also have to admit that it didn’t feel all that special to me. There wasn’t really anything that made this jump out at me.

Court by Cat Patrick // ★★★ // I was quite disappointed in this book I received for review. I go into more detail in my review, but I basically found everyone to be selfish, and didn’t really care about any of the characters or the plot. You can find my review here. 

All Lined Up (Rusk University #1) by Cora Carmack // ★★★★ // I didn’t really enjoy the first book I read by Cora Carmack, Losing It, so I was hesitant about this one. But I’d heard such great things, so I bought it on Kindle and decided to give it a go. Turned out to be a great decision, because I read all three books so far in 2 days! Carson seems like the most amazing guy ever.

All Broke Down (Rusk University #2) by Cora Carmack // ★★★★ // Again, when I finished the first book, I knew I wanted to continue. Like a lot of new adult series, these are companion novels. The first book was about Dallas and Carson, and this book was about Silas and Dylan. I absolutely loved Dylan here. She seems like such a legit, amazing person.

All Played Out (Rusk University #3) by Cora Carmack // ★★★★ // Like I said, I just needed to read all three immediately. I actually think I loved this one most. I really connected to Nell, and I thought Mateo was such a great guy -with an exceptionally great name too. 

Lost in Temptation (Regency Chase Family #1) by Lauren Royal // ★★★★.5 // I was in such a romance mood, if you couldn’t already tell. But I’ve never read true historical romance aside from Outlander, I believe. I quite enjoyed it to be honest. It wasn’t spectacular, and I figured out the culprit quite fast, but it was definitely fun to read. 

in real life 80c8b0

This week has been absolutely crazy! I finished my exams on Tuesday. I’m so extremely happy I’m done. I’ll get my grades on June 29th, but until then I’m not worrying about it. 

So on  Tuesday, I had a night out with my friends -which was well deserved in my opinion. We had pizza, we had wine, and it was just so much fun. Then I had lunch on Wednesday with one of my friends I barely ever see now! We caught up, and it was so nice. Thursday was a rest day. Then Friday & Saturday I went to birthday parties for two of my amazing friends. 

I know, what a week, right? I’m so happy that exams are over, and that I can spend some time with my friends before the summer truly starts in July. 

How was your week? Did you read, watch or do anything fun? I didn’t get to watch anything really this week aside from some Full House episodes, which is why I didn’t include the section. I hope you all have a great week!

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