Top 5 Wednesday: 2017 Reading Goals

It’s time for another Top 5 Wednesday post! As always, I will leave all the #T5W information in the description box of my video. It’s the first Top 5 Wednesday of the year! That’s exciting, right? Please tell me I’m not the only one who is excited about 2017. May it be a great year for us all. 

Today’s topic is 2017 goals. I was already planning on making a post about this, but this is the perfect time. I want to keep my list of reading goals small this year, because I want to have a relaxed reading year, without stressing out over everything. So here are 5 of my reading goals for 2017. 

Shrink my TBR

I kind of want to eliminate most of it. But I feel like that’s not realistic. So I just want to have a smaller one, especially with my hard copies. I’m participating in the Beat the Backlist Challenge, and I’m hoping to read at least 45-50 of the books on my TBR for that. That would cut my hard-copy TBR in half!

Read more in Dutch

You may or may not know that I’m Belgian. The past few years however, I’ve read almost exclusively in English. I feel like there’s a lot to be said for reading a book in its original language. But I also want to support the authors from my country. So I think I’ll try to read in Dutch again. See where that takes me. 

Read more translated works

I know I’ve just said that I want to read books in their original language. Yet at the same time, I want to support translators! I know, I’m making no sense. Maybe I’ll try some English books translated into Dutch. Or maybe I’ll look for some books that were written in languages I don’t speak, so the translations would be the only way for me to read them. That way I can also support some foreign authors!

Read From More Genres

You all know I adore fantasy. But I can get in a fantasy slump if I don’t read anything else. So in 2016, I picked up some mysteries and thrillers, some general fiction and some science fiction. I want to continue that trend in 2017. I especially want to read more crime books/mysteries, science fiction, classics and even non-fiction. I want to expand my reading. 

Use My Library More Often

At the end of 2016, I re-discovered my local library. I’ve been going once a month, and lending out several books at a time. I feel like this is the best place to achieve my other goals too. I’ll buy less, read more translated works (as my library only has a small English section) and I’ll try out more genres as it’s fairly risk-free (the only thing I’ll lose if I don’t like it is time). 


20 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: 2017 Reading Goals

  1. Some good goals on here, I know I want to read more translated works as the few I read last year I really enjoyed (apart from one, which we won’t speak of). I like to try and support the translators because I feel like there aren’t enough translated books out there. At least not books which are translated to English.

    I am also using my library way more, I’m finding I’m borrowing way too many books each time, I’m not leaving room for me to read my own books as well, Considering they’ve recently reduced down the library opening hours I want to show support by going regularly. It’s also a great way to tackle some of the books I’ve been meaning to read but didn’t want to spend the money on in case I didn’t like them.

    Good luck with your goals.


    1. Yes, I definitely want to support my local library too. And I always pick up so much that I often don’t get a chance to read them all. And yes, that’s why I love it! I get to try out authors and genres I would’ve otherwise been hesitant to spend my money on. Thanks!


  2. I haven’t written a blog post with my resolutions yet but reading more books in Slovenian (translations or originals) is on my list, too. I read almost exclusively in English and sometimes it’s just good to take care of your mother tongue as well.

    And I’m participating in Beat the Backlist, too, so as far as I know, I’ll be battling you in the house cup! 😉 (You’re not Gryffindor, are you?)


  3. Great goals, Jolien! I totally relate about the TBR being huge, I want to work on that as well this year. And I love your goal about reading more Dutch books! It’s true, I also feel like there are so many great Dutch books I’m missing out on. But on the other hand, I have gotten so used to reading in English that something feels off whenever I try to read in Dutch now. So yes, it would definitely be time to read more Dutch again 🙂 Good luck on all your goals and hope you’ll have an amazing reading year in 2017!


  4. Happy New Year! These are some great reading goals! I also want to expand the books I read to different genres. Hopefully we’ll both find some great books in new genres this year. 🙂


  5. Reading from a wider array of genres is a big goal for me, too! Like you, I mostly review fantasy on my blog but I want to try branching out a bit. Using your local library more is an awesome goal, and as a librarian I can only say: hurrah! 😄


  6. I think I might need to do some spring cleaning with my TBR. I have so many books on my TBR that I know I’ll probably never read or some that just got really bad reviews that I have no intention of ever picking up. I hope you get a chance to pick up many different genres this year, it’s always a good thing to expand your reading horizons. Good luck with all your challenges!


  7. I really admire the fact that you read so many books in English – I can’t imagine reading books in another language XD I seriously want to try to drastically reduce my TBR pile this year – WE CAN DO THIS.


  8. I didn’t know you were Dutch! I can’t imagine exclusively reading a second language, I’m very impressed. Your goals sound completely doable, good luck!


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