Top Ten Tuesday: Authors Whose Works I Want to Complete

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week I will make a list of 10 books, authors or other bookish things surrounding a certain topic. This week is freebie week! So I’ve decided to talk about 10 authors whose works I want to complete. Meaning, I want to read everything these authors have written/published.

anne bishop.png

It’s no secret that I love The Others series by Anne Bishop. I’ve adored all 4 books published so far, and I’m both excited and sad about the next book being released soon. I’m sad because it’ll be the last one. But she has many other series I want to read too, like the Black Jewels series!

rachel aaron.png

I’ve been a fan of her Legend of Eli Monpress series for a while. I also adore her Heastriker series, because it’s an urban fantasy series about a nice dragon. I want to catch up with her Heartstriker series, and finish her space opera trilogy under the Rachel Bach name.Ā 

robin hobb.png

I started reading Robin Hobb‘s Farseer trilogy last year, and fell in love. I’ve read the first two books, and I’m hoping to read Assassin’s Quest soon. Then I want to continue, in the other of her big series -so I think the next trilogy would be the Liveship Traders one.

jane austen.png


I’ve only read my first Jane Austen book recently. I read Pride and Prejudice at the end of 2016, and I really loved it. I want to read all of her other works, and I think I’ll be reading Emma soon-ish, with Alicia. I also want to read Persuasion soon.

brandon sanderson.png

I’ve read his first Mistborn trilogy and Warbreaker, and I thought they were all mind blowing. So I want to read all of his works. I know that means reading the Wheel of Time series, that’s super-long…

tabitha suzuma.png


I’ve only read Suzuma‘s Forbidden, but I thought it was an incredible read. It’s such a touching story, and a still-taboo topic. I recently saw that she has quite a few other books on such topics, so I want to see what she’s done with those.

n k jemisin.png

I’ve read Jemisin‘s Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and Broken Kingdoms, and both blew me away. Her book, The Fifth Season, has been on my to-read list for ages. I want to read more of her works, because she’s an incredible fantasy author.

juliet marillier.png

I started my foray into Marillier‘s works with Daughter of the Forest, the first in the Sevenwaters series. I’ve also read Son of the Shadows, the second one, and Dreamer’s Pool, the first book in the Blackthorn & Grim series. I’ve also read her Bridei Chronicles, but I can’t really remember much of it. So I want to re-read the works I’ve already read, and read all the others too.

michael sullivan.png

I adore his Riyria Revelations and Chronicles. He’s become one of my favorite fantasy authors now. I still have to read Age of Myth, and I can’t wait for the next Chronicles book. Definitely an author to check out.Ā 

kristin hannah.png

the nightingale

The Nightingale is one of my favorite historical fiction novels, ever. It’s about two French sisters during WWII. So I want to read her other works and see whether they are all just as beautiful.Ā 

Those are 10 authors whose works I want to read. I know it’ll be a huge task, but I want to discover more of what they have to offer. Have you read more of their books? Which authors’ works do you want to read?

45 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Authors Whose Works I Want to Complete

  1. Oh I love this topic. Might do this some time too. I would love to read Anne Bishop’s other works as well. I’ve been slowly going through Brandon Sanderson’s work. First a comic and have just finished The Reckoners series but I haven’t been impressed so far. I hope his bigger fantasy books will do more for me. Otherwise I have 3 first book in series still by him I got for nothing, haha.


  2. I need to start an Anne Bishop book at some point, I’ve seen her around in book blogs, and it’s been mostly positive!

    Hah, the day I finish all of Sanderson’s books is the day I run out of books to read. I have heard that he does a tremendous job at finishing Robert Jordan’s series, but omgaaaaah that’s 14 long-ass books. I’d read the first one ages back, but I have actually yet to read the next. Also on my long list of things to read in the foreseeable future, I suppose.


  3. Agree on Jane Austen and Brandon Sanderson! I loved the books I read by her and have one book (The Final Empire) which I have started but not finished by him.


  4. Robin Hobb, yesssss. I really think Farseer is the weakest series of hers, so I’m excited for you to move on to Liveship Traders. I think the third book in that series is my favorite Hobb book, even though her Tawny Man series is my favorite overall.

    I’ve read everything Juliet Marillier has published, aside from a short story collection I can’t find, and I think almost all of it is worth reading. I just love her books so much.

    My favorite Kristin Hannah book is Winter Garden. šŸ™‚


  5. I absolutely loved Sanderson’s first Mistborn trilogy and want to continue this series soon, the 4th book is already on my TBR!

    I also have Sanderson’s “The Rithmatist” on my shelves which I still need to read, so I really hope his other books are as good as the first three Mistborn books! šŸ™‚


  6. Yes, to Emma! It will be my final Austen book, don’t know why it took me so long to read this one. I also want to read all the Juliet Marillier’s books. I still need to read the Bridei Chronicles, continue her Blackthorn & Grim series, and read the final book in her Shadowfell trilogy. N.K. Jemisin is high on ,y TBR right now. Great list!


  7. Great topic! I’ve had N. K. Jemisin on my to-read list for way too long now – must get to it! I don’t know if you’re an audiobook person, but if so, it’s a great way to go with Jane Austen. The dialogue is so much fun to listen to!


  8. Great list, there are a few authors on here that I’m dying to START, lol. Michael J. Sullivan is one, and Juliette Marillier is the other. I just need a bunch more hours in the day!


  9. Great list! I failed to read any Hobbs or Sullivan books last year. Hope this year I’ll be able to get to them. Rachel Aaron and NK Jemisin are on my TBRs to. Brandon Sanderson is definitely on my list of authors to complete. I think it’s okay to skip the Wheel of Time books, since it’s technically not his.


  10. I’d really love to read all of the Brontes, Dickens, and Faulkner someday. It’ll take a while, but it’ll be worth it! Great idea for a TTT freebie! šŸ™‚


  11. I want to read The Mistborn trilogy. They sound like fantastic reads. Another book on your list that I want to read is Forbidden. I have it on my TBR, but I keep talking myself out of picking it up because I’m nervous with the topic. I have heard very many mixed reviews so I just don’t know. I’m really glad to see you enjoyed it though!

    My TTT


  12. Great list! I’m getting back into fantasy this year and I’m planning to read some Robin Hobb and some Brandon Sanderson for the very first time. I can also highly, highly recommend The Fifth Season; I read it earlier this month and it’s fantastic. Happy reading! =)


  13. Aah, most of these are still on my TBR to even start the series šŸ™‚ Hoping to at least start (and finish but that could be wishful thinking) these series this year: The Others, The Riyria Revelations and finally finish the Mistborn trilogy!


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