My #Viewathon Wrap Up

Last week I participated in the #viewathon! I thought it was such a fun idea. The movie/TV show equivalent of a readathon… I’ve been in such a reading slump lately, and I’ve been neglecting the movies and TV shows I want to watch for months now. So it was the perfect time to participate in the viewathon.

There were 25 challenges in total. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up watching as much as I’d hoped I would. But I watched more than I do in the average week, so I guess that counts as a victory. Anyway, here’s what I ended up watching! 

I finally watched Moana. I know, I’m so behind on these things. I loved it though! 

I also watched 3 episodes of Easy, a Netflix show I don’t think I’ll be continuing. It’s about the love/sex lives of random people in today’s society. The episodes are about 20 minutes long and I think the different people in each episode have nothing to do with one another. It just means that you don’t really know the characters or get invested in their lives -so I couldn’t care less about their sex lives, to be honest. 

I re-watched Wonder Woman, because I adore it. I also re-watched one episode of Teen Wolf because I want to continue and catch up with the show.

Then I want to the cinema and watched Dunkirk. I was so tense the entire time while watching this, I may have strained some neck muscles. It was an incredible movie though, definitely worth watching. 

Finally, I started watching Sense8. I have been meaning to watch this show for AGES and have never gotten around to it. I finally did it. And it’s epic. I watched 4 episodes last week! This is definitely a show I’ll be continuing, because I’m so intrigued (and attached to the characters) already. 

Did you participate in the viewathon? Have you seen any of these movies or shows?

17 thoughts on “My #Viewathon Wrap Up

  1. OH this is such a cool idea! I have a TBR a mile long, but you know what I actually get around to tackling even less often? My giant list of everything I wanna watch. Maybe I should try this some weekend or over Thanksgiving break or something…

    Glad you enjoyed Dunkirk! I went to see it with my parents the other day and was so pleased when they enjoyed it as well, since we rarely have the same opinions on movies.


    1. Exactly! I’m so behind of my favorite shows -and the movies I’ve been meaning to watch. And then you can’t avoid spoilers. So this was the perfect push for me.

      I also went to see Dunkirk with my parents! My dad is fascinated by anything WWII-related, so I figured this would be perfect for him. They really enjoyed it too 🙂

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