What Have I Been Up to Lately?

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve been here, typing away. I know you’ve seen some Top Ten Tuesday posts appear in the past few weeks. Thank the universe for scheduling, right? Otherwise it would have been complete radio silence. 

I haven’t been posting lately. Whether on my blog or my YouTube channel, I just haven’t found the time or motivation. I could come up with a 1000 excuses. And I do still feel like I need to apologize to you for my absence. To be honest, I know I shouldn’t. This blog, and my channel, are a hobby of mine. I love reading. I love talking about the books I’ve read. I love reading your blog posts and leaving comments. My love for the bookish community has never faded. But I just don’t have much time right now. So here’s what’s been going on in my life lately. 

I’m still working. No surprise there, right? I’m finding it harder than I thought I would to combine a full-time job with reading, blogging, and every other hobby.

I’m excited again about working out. I know, that doesn’t happen often. I usually have to force myself to work out. But in the beginning of September, I participated in a 6K run in support of Think Pink with my colleagues. And to prepare somewhat for that run, I decided to go back to the gym. I’ve discovered that I really, really enjoy weight training. I love the machines, I love pushing until the last rep and seeing how much weight I can challenge myself to push. I haven’t found to courage to start with barbell workouts yet, but I’m hoping I will in the near future. 

I’m excited again about cooking some new, healthy veggie/vegan meals. I want to invest time back into my food, so I start eating a bit healthier. 

I’ve fallen down the KPOP rabbit hole. Yup. It started with BTS, now I’m just all over the place. I’m listening to music, watching music videos and dance practices and random videos of the group members. You’ve sucked me in. 

I started watching Descendants of the Sun. I want to get back into TV shows, and this one looked like a lot of fun! I’ve watched 10 of the 16 episodes so far (I think) and I absolutely love it. 

I turned 23. 

My blog turned 3.

I went on a trip to Naples, Italy. It was wonderful -and sunny!

I’m exhausted. I know, not a fun item, right? But it’s true. I’ve been feeling so exhausted lately. Sleeping 9 hours a night and still being tired. 

That’s what’s been going on in my life lately! I do apologize for my lack of comments on your posts. I just haven’t had the time. I am not abandoning my blog, don’t worry. But I won’t be able to post as much as I used to either. I hope you’ll bear with me.

18 thoughts on “What Have I Been Up to Lately?

  1. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had an amazing day! ❤

    Don't feel bad about not blogging much, I also haven't been blogging because I'm struggling to balance all my schoolwork, reading, socialising etc. So I totally understand where you're coming from!

    Yay, that's so great that you're enjoying working out! I've been getting back into my exercising this month and I'm loving it!


  2. Thanks for the update, Jolien! I’m glad that most things in your life have been going well. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself!I know it’s hard not to feel guilty about the blog, but you really don’t need to. 🙂


  3. Hi Jolien! Finding a good work-life balance is definitely hard and blogging, as amazing as it is, also takes up so much time. I’m still really struggling with it myself so I completely understand. Especially the part about sleeping 9 hours a night and still being exhausted… Hope you’ll find your balance soon!
    Oh, and happy belated birthday and blogiversary!
    Ah, another one down the Kpop rabbit hole! I fell into it myself a few months back and have listened to little else since *oops* BTS is one of my fave bands and especially with their comeback this month I’ve listened to their new cd non-stop. What’s your fave song at the moment?
    Descendants of the Sun is still on my to-watch list so glad to hear you loved it 🙂


    1. Thank you! 😀

      My favorite song at the moment? Aaaaargh, I don’t know. Very Nice by Seventeen for when I’m in a happy-ish mood. Don’t Wanna Cry when I’m a bit sad. BTS always (I’m loving DNA, Serendipity and Silver Spoon) and Got7 has my heart too. And then there’s BLACKPINK, of course 😀


      1. Those are some of my fave BTS songs at the moment too 🙂 Those and 21st Century Girl ❤ GOT7 is currently also on my playlist. And of course BLACKPINK (in your area) 😀 Seventeen is still new to me, so I'll need to check them out!

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  4. You’ve definitely been busy lately! I know what you mean about trying to fit things around a full-time job. I recently moved from a 10-5 shift pattern to a 9-5 one and I’m finding it much harder to adjust than I thought I would.


  5. Hey, good to hear from you! Seems like there’s a lot going on in your life, which is good! I need to go back to working out as well.. I am just not a gym person though, but maybe I’ll go back to swimming, I always enjoyed it!

    Holiday in Italy sounds great, it’s one of the countries I want to go to first when we go back to Europe. Whenever that may be 😀


  6. Happy belated birthday! I turned 23 this month too. And I can pretty much relate to what you said about Kpop! I don’t think I have listened to anything else except Kpop since August and of course, BTS is always on my playlist. Anyway, I hope you have a great October! ❤


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