Top 5 Wednesday: 2018 Wishlist

Today’s #T5W topic is your 2018 wishlist! These aren’t specific books, more like tropes and topics you’d like to read more of. Here’s what I’d like to see more of in the coming year:

  1. heist stories // I’ve read a few (Scott Lynch, Leigh Bardugo, Ally Carter) but I’d like to read A LOT MORE. These are some of my favorite types of stories. 
  2. books set in different countries // I’d love to read for example, a YA contemporary about a Korean girl in South-Korea. Or a Mexican boy in Mexico. I want to read a heist story set in Egypt. I love that we’re getting more diversity and representation in YA, but a lot of those are still set in the U.S.A./U.K. so it would be nice to read fluffy romances, hard-hitting stories and epic novels in every country. Maybe I should look into translated works for this one. 
  3. f/f relationships // I think that in terms of LGBT+ rep, we’re making headway. There’s still a long way to go, though. While I’d love to read books about aro, ace, bi, pan, demi, etc. -sexual main characters, I’d also love to read more f/f relationships. I think that they are mentioned less than m/m relationships? At least, in my reading so far. So I’m going to make a conscious effort to read more widely in the LGBT+ spectrum. 
  4. body positivity and all sizes // In every genre. Seriously. I want to read cute, adorable romances of people in every size. I also want an epic fantasy story with a badass main character who doesn’t wear an XS, is incredibly tall, elegant and has long flowy hair. Of course, those people are certainly out there too. But I’ve read about them so often, I’d like to confirm that anyone can be a badass.
  5. interracial and/or multicultural relationships // There are so many aspects to an interracial and/or multicultural to be explored, and I want to read about it all. Especially in YA contemporaries. This fuse of culture, language, habits, and even religion can be so interesting, and we need to explore that more in literature.
  6. disability // I need more good disability representation in YA.

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: 2018 Wishlist

  1. I love heist stories! (Ally Carter was one of my favourite authors). Also I definitely want to read more diverse novels in 2018 as well… I was hoping to do some sort of challenge surrounding diverse books but I couldn’t find any specific ones.


  2. Such a great list! I totally agree with the Heist idea. I read Heist Society years ago and loved it because it was so different! I want some more mental health representation in YA. It has definitely grown in past few years, 2017 especially, but I would like for some different aspects of mental health to be explored!


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