Movies I Watched | Best of 2017

I’ve talked about my favorite books of 2017 before, and now it’s time to address movies. Just like with my reading list, these movies were not all released in 2017. I just happened to watch them in the past year! Let’s get started. 

These are not ranked, by the way. Just a random order.

Wonder Woman // Who is surprised this made it to my list? ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. I don’t think I need to explain this pick. I loved it. I love Gal Gadot -she is the most precious human being on this planet.

Lion // This movie was so emotional. Even more so because this was based on a true story! If you somehow haven’t seen this one, please go do so.

Moana // I finally watched Moana. I know! I should’ve watched it a long time ago, but I didn’t. It was featured on so many ‘best of 2016’ lists though, so I knew I had to give it a go. I did, and now it’s featured on this list… The music was stuck in my head for months afterwards.

The Big Sick // This may be my favorite rom-com that’s been put out in a while. I think this is especially touching because this was based on Kumal’s life -and he portrays himself in the movie as well. 

Baby Driver // This is the most surprising one on my list. I don’t usually love stories centered around cars/car chases. For example, I’ve never seen any of the Fast and Furious movies because they just don’t appeal to me. But the trailer for this one looked amazing. So I watched it. And it blew me away. Ansel Elgort is absolutely genius as Baby! The way music is woven into this story is beautiful, and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for a while now. I also adored Lily James -another surprise because I didn’t really like her in Cinderella. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I will re-watch this movie again and again, I think. 

Call Me By Your Name // Shoot me, because the feelings are too much. If you don’t know what this is about, this is the story of Elio (17) and Oliver (I think he’s like 24?). Oliver accepts an internship with Elio’s father in Northern Italy during the summer and lives with them. It’s a beautiful love story. I may have fallen in love with Elio (or Timothée Chalamet). I love that it’s a LGBT+ romance story, but it’s not about coming out or family drama or cheating. It’s just a story of first love.


Dunkirk // I watched this in theaters with my parents, because my dad loves movies that are WWII-related (he also loves history books and documentaries on the topic) so I thought this would be perfect for him. Dunkirk actually isn’t that far away from where we live: about a 2 hour drive! I would say that this isn’t a movie to watch when you feel like having a relaxed movie night. Watching Dunkirk is a very stressful experience. I was on edge the entire time I was watching this, because you truly feel like you’re there on that beach with the soldiers, dying. 

That’s it! I didn’t watch that many movies in 2017, but these were my absolutele favorite ones. I’m aiming to watch many more in 2018 and I’ve already created a list of movies I am most anticipating. I’ll be posting that one soon, so we can fangirl about the upcoming movies together.

Have you seen any of these movies?
Which movies are on your best-of-2017 list?

14 thoughts on “Movies I Watched | Best of 2017

  1. Yes, what makes baby driver more appealing and different is its embedding of music into a high speed action. I haven’t watched Call Me By Your Name but its story gives an idea about its emotional screenplay. Another movie on the similar subject that has impressed me is Love Simon.


      1. But I am sure that you will like it, the movie talks about a teenage boy who is introvert about being gay but also hopes to have a normal love life as anyone else leads.


  2. Thanks for the recs! The only one I’ve seen is Wondewoman, which was amazing. I’m adding some of the others to my list! I have to admit that the trailer for Baby Driver doesn’t make me want to watch it, but I trust your opinion. 😂 I’ve heard that Dunkirk was just amazing in theaters. Do you think it’s worth watching at home?


  3. I LOVE The Big Sick SO MUCH!!!! I screamed about to everyone I knew and was really glad to convince a couple friends to watch it. Baby Driver was also amazing! I haven’t watched Call Me By Your Name yet, but I read the book (and did a review just last week) because I adored it to the moon and back. It was my number 1 favorite book of 2017.


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