May Wrap Up | Books, Music, Movies and TV Shows

what i read 80c8b0

Moonrise by Sarah Crossan // ★★★★ // I read this in a matter of hours. I think it’s the first novel I’ve read that is written in verse. And if it isn’t, the last one must have been so long ago I’ve completely forgotten about it. This was a really beautiful read, yet so rough at the same time. It’s about a boy whose brother is on death row. It forces you to think about death row, the death penalty, innocence and how to truly prove that someone is guilty. I’d highly recommend it. 

A Close and Common Orbit (Wayfarers #2) by Becky Chambers // ★★★★ // After reading The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet I knew I had to read the sequel immediately. I was bit surprised to realize that it’s actually a companion novel! It follows Pepper and Lovey, and I can’t really say more without spoiling part of the first novel. Although I truly enjoyed this novel, I didn’t love it as much as the first one. Still, I absolutely adored learning more about Pepper, and Lovey’s life brings a lot of interesting debates on tech to the surface. I can’t wait to meet Becky Chambers in July (at least I hope I will), because she’s a true genius. 

Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli // ★★★★ // You knew this would be on the list, didn’t you? After falling in love with both Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda and The Upside of Unrequited, I had to read Becky Albertalli’s latest release as soon as possible. Once again, I was completely blown away. Every time I think Becky Albertalli can’t make a character more relatable, she proves me wrong. I don’t identify as bisexual, yet so many aspects of Leah’s character are familiar to me. The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because of the way Leah reacted when someone came out to her. I believe that could’ve been handled differently. Every other aspect of this book was absolutely incredible, and I love it endlessly. (IT WAS SO ADORABLE!)

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee // ★★★★ // From an adorable read like Leah on the Offbeat to a realistic and horribly sad one like Pachinko. I saw this book on a BookTubers “favorite books of 2017” list and thought it sounded really interesting. Side note, I can’t remember whose video that was so if you did put Pachinko on your favorites list and I have commented on your video, feel free to let me know so I can refer to your video! This book follows 4 generations of one family through 8 decades in Korea and Japan. It starts in 1911, shortly after Japan annexed Korea, in Yeongdo. This book hit me hard. It is so sad and honestly, not many good things happen to this family. It’s an incredible novel though, and I would still highly recommend it. It taught me a lot about Korea’s history, as well as the lives of Koreans who moved to Japan after the annexation and how they were treated. 

what i watched 80c8b0

I started watching Sense8 again. I don’t know why I stopped watching for a while, because this show is absolutely incredible. I’m currently finishing up season 1 and am hoping to move on to season 2 immediately afterward. 

I also watched 2 episodes of Rich Man, Poor Woman. This is a K-drama that stars Suho from EXO! Not going to lie, that’s why I started watching. However, I’m enjoying the female lead even more? Ha Yeon-Soo is so beautiful and seems so kind. This is a remake of a 2012 series, if I’m not mistaken. I can’t really say much on the show yet, because I’ve only seen 2 episodes but I do want to continue watching. 

I binge-watched Just Between Lovers this past month. This K-Drama was just so incredible, I couldn’t stop watching! It’s a very sad story though, and will play with your emotions. But if you haven’t seen it, please go do so. Won Jin Ah was absolutely gorgeous in this drama, and I can’t wait to watch her in more movies and/or shows. And can we talk about Lee Junho for a second? Because wow… 

lee junho in just between lovers

I’m currently also watching Between, a Taiwanese drama. It’s about a “sandwich” girl, which I believe is a girl who is always stuck in the middle. At work, she’s stuck between the management and the employees because she’s a supervisor. And obviously, she’s stuck between two guys as well. I’m quite enjoying this drama, although it’s so utterly cheesy at times. I can handle a bit of cheesiness or clichés, but this has a lot of them. It just makes me laugh after a while. BUT I’m enjoying it enough to eagerly anticipate new episodes (and subtitles). And can we talk about how beautiful the female lead is? I feel like I’ve said that multiple times, but really, her smile is so adorable. 

And the most exciting news of the month? I won 2 tickets for an early viewing of Love, Simon! I know what you’re thinking. Jolien, that movie has been out for months? What do you mean, early viewing? Well, in some countries it was released in March. Yet in Belgium (and I believe the Netherlands too) Love, Simon is only scheduled for release on June 20th. Which means I got to see it a month before it hit theaters here. It was everything I could ever have asked for. I will be going to the cinema once it does release, pay for a ticket and watch it all over again. I want to watch this movie a million times (and support it with my money). 

what i listened to 80c8b0

DAY6 – I Need Somebody

I have been in love with DAY6 for months. Moonrise might be one of my favorite albums, in fact. Partly because of this song. Not only is it absolutely beautiful, the lyrics are incredible too. I understand this song and the feelings behind it so well, it’s a bit terrifying to be honest. 

MOMOLAND – BBoom Bboom

A completely different song, but I have been loving it. It makes me want to dance every single time I hear it. 

BTS – Fake Love

Obviously, this was going to be one my list. I don’t think anyone is really surprised here. I’m really enjoying BTS’ new comeback and I’m digging the songs. I have to admit that some of their “older” songs are still my favorites. I have a special place in my heart for Silver Spoon and Blood, Sweat and Tears in particular. 

What did you read, watch and/or listen to this past month?

5 thoughts on “May Wrap Up | Books, Music, Movies and TV Shows

  1. Yup, love simon isn’t coming until June here either. Booo.You got so lucky though. I’m happy for you. 😀 I’ll be reading a close and common orbit and the third one in July ❤


  2. I really liked The Long Way to A Small Angry Planet, but I struggled with the second book. I think I was disappointed that it didn’t have the fun array of characters that the first one had, and I really struggled to relate to Lovey at all.

    That’s the problem with high expectations, I suppose!


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