Books I Love With Tropes I Hate | #T5W

I’m finally doing another Top 5 Wednesday post! Today, we’re talking about books we loved that include tropes we usually hate. Let’s get started.

Character who is good at literally everything // Darrow from Red Rising // I usually despise it when the main character just happens to be good at anything they try. No matter what, without any training. Come on, it’s just not realistic or believable at all! Darrow is kind of an example of that. He’s incredibly smart, deft with his hands, great strategic mind, learns easily, etc. Just… you know, good at everything. For some reason, it didn’t really bother me while reading this book and I ended up loving it despite the trope being present.

Miscommunication to further the plot/romance // Traitor to the Throne by Alwyn Hamilton // This trope is so ridiculous. Can we please put an end to it? Don’t use miscommunication to further your plot or keep the love interests conveniently apart. JUST DON’T. Maybe we should teach young adults to communicate instead of constantly keeping secrets ‘for the other’s benefit’. It happened in this book too, but I still loved it.

Love triangles // Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier // There are just so many of them. There are very few love triangles I don’t dislike. I feel like it has to be written well, like there has to be a reason for the two to fall in love with the same person. Usually, it’s just added for the sake of extra tension in the plot. The love triangle in Daughter of the Forest is one I don’t actually mind -and one in which I agree with the end ship.

Girls being mean to each other for no reason whatsoever // Red Sister by Mark Lawrence // Just stop. Stop writing about girls being mean to other girls. Write about girls empowering other girls instead! I thought this trope appeared in Red Sister for a while, because Arabella was constantly mean to Nona at first. But then they turned around and became good friends instead and I was so happy to see that.

The misunderstood bad boy/criminal // Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier // I am too old for this trope. Seriously, I can’t deal with it. Give me all the nice, thoughtful and funny guys who are passionate about their hobbies and life instead. In some small cases though, I do like this trope. One example is Son of the Shadows. As you can tell, Juliet Marillier can get away with using these tropes. She’s just such a great storyteller.

Those are 5 books that I love with tropes I hate. Have you read any of these books? Which tropes do you hate? 

4 thoughts on “Books I Love With Tropes I Hate | #T5W

  1. I didn’t even think of ‘girls being mean to each other for no reason’. It really annoys me how some characters are just there to tease the main female protagonist and that is the whole purpose of their character!

    I also had to include love triangles in my list! There are very few that I actually like reading about.


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