Week 2 of the #NEWTsReadathon2018 | an update

Last week, I managed to read 3 books for the #NEWTsReadathon2018. This week was not quite as productive in terms of reading, unfortunately. I’m trying to combine my current reads for the NEWTs readathon with the #POCathon that’s going on from August 12th to August 19th, as well. Let’s see what I managed to read for my NEWTs from August 8th until August 14th!

long way down


I started my week off by listening to the audiobook of Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds. This is a very short yet impactful book. It takes place in the span of 1 minute, when Will gets on the elevator to go out and kill the person who shot his brother. In that minute, lots of people in Will’s life get on the elevator to talk to him; only all of them are dead.

This story is told in verse, which gives it a sense of urgency and reality, and I’d highly recommend listening to the audiobook. The author narrates the book himself, and he brings it to life.

I gave this 4/5 stars, and I would encourage everyone to pick this book up.

Book Finished: Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds
Grade earned: Acceptable in Transfiguration (book with a grey cover)

That’s the only book I managed to finish for the NEWTs readathon this week. I did start another book and it will count for an Exceeds Expectations in Transfiguration when I finish it, so let’s talk about it for a second.

on such a full sea


I started reading On Such a Full Sea by Chang-rae Lee. This is a science fiction story set in the future in B-Mor, a worker colony formerly known as Baltimore.

It’s the story of a woman called Fan, who disrupts the whole order of B-Mor society by leaving after her boyfriend is removed from the colony.

So far, it’s very interesting! It’s told from a removed position. It’s like someone in B-Mor is telling us the legend of Fan. What her life was like, what lead up to her leaving, how it affected the rest, etc. It creates more of a distance between you and the main character, but I honestly don’t mind. It’s such an interesting way to tell a story, by creating a legend around it already.

I’m looking forward to reading more of this book in the coming days!

That’s it! I did read another book but it didn’t count for the #NEWTsReadathon2018. I’m hoping to read some more this week, and I really want to finish On Such a Full Sea. How are you doing with the readathon?

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