What I watched, listened to, and did in August | Life wrap up

It’s time for another non-bookish post (kind of). Every month, I talk to you about the movies and TV shows I watched, the songs and podcasts I listened to, and the things I did during the previous month.

what i watched

Train to Busan
I decided to watch this movie because I’d seen it on quite some ‘favorite horror movies’ lists. It may not have been the greatest choice, considering I will be on a train to Busan in less than a month… This is a zombie movie, in which a father and his daughter get on a train to Busan to visit the girl’s mother. An injured girl jumps on the train at the last second, and that’s where the zombie outbreak starts. I’m not usually a fan of zombie movies, but this one was fantastic. I was glued to my screen the entire time.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
You know that I had to watch this movie immediately after it came out. I watched it on release day and it gave me all the squishy feels. It’s adorable, cute and wonderful and I will re-watch this at some point in the near future. GO SUPPORT THIS if you haven’t already.

The Undateables
I started watching another K-drama. This is about a girl who doesn’t believe in love anymore, and a guy who is described as a charmer. So far, I’m not loving it. I don’t dislike it at all. I liked it well enough to watch 6 episodes in a row! It’s just not that compelling and once I stop watching for a while, I don’t feel a need to go back to it. Anyway, I’m 6 episodes in. Let me know if you’ve watched this!

what i listened to


Ikon – Killing Me
This song… I’ve been playing Killing Me on repeat for an entire month. I don’t know what it is about this song but I can’t seem to stop listening to it. I am captivated by it, and can’t get enough.

Stray Kids – Voices
Stray Kids is absolutely killing it. I love the majority of their songs, and their dance practices and performance videos are mind-blowing.


Kalyn’s Coffee Talk
Kalyn is one of my favorite YouTubers. I find her calming and inspiring. When I discovered she had a podcast, I was over the moon. I’ve listened to a few episodes already and love it. I can’t wait to listen to the rest and catch up with the podcast.

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness
This is the best podcast ever. I listened to Getting Curious while walking through the streets of Paris, and it was perfect. It made me laugh several times – I’m sure the people I passed by must’ve thought me strange. The idea of this podcast is that every week Jonathan chooses a subject he’s curious about and then invites a guest to answer his questions. My favorite episodes so far are: What’s It Really Like to be a Woman in the Military?, Is It Really a China vs. America World?, and What Makes a Cult a Cult?

I only just started listening to this podcast, but I already know it’s going to end up being one of my favorites. The idea of Sawbones is that they investigate misguided medicine and doubtful medicine to bring you the facts. It’s fascinating yet never boring.

what i did (3)

August wasn’t a particularly exciting month. I’ve used it mainly to rest up, and start my blog and YouTube channel back up again. I felt inspired to write posts again, and to create videos. I felt inspired to join the NEWTs readathon, and started reading again. I committed more to my building yoga practice and did some fun dance workouts. I rearranged and decluttered part of my home. I guess August has been sort of a reset month for me.

I did go to Paris for the first time this month. It’s kind of insane I’d never been there before, considering it’s only 1,5h away by train. Here’s an unpopular opinion for you: I appear to not really be a fan of Paris. The buildings and city itself is beautiful, the architecture stunning. But the atmosphere and vibe of the city made me uncomfortable and set me on edge. I can’t really explain it, but I never felt welcome or at easy in the city. A feeling that was not improved when a random guy walked into me, started yelling at me and nearly shoved me off the stairs. Yeah, I was quite disappointed. I don’t have desire to return to the city at all, but here are some pictures I took.

How was your month? Did you watch a good movie/show? I would’ve loved to watch Crazy Rich Asians in theaters, but it hasn’t been released yet in Belgium… I’m so sad about it. Have you listened to some great songs or podcasts? Let me know!

16 thoughts on “What I watched, listened to, and did in August | Life wrap up

  1. I also found Kalyn’s Coffee Talk and immediately fell in love with it. I also really loved checking out your blog. I’m a fiction writer and I love reading the genre. Though I mostly read/write towards a YA audience, your blog definitely has some good recommendations!


  2. On the one hand I’d like to visit Paris some day but it really isn’t at the top of my list… I’m sorry it was so dissapointing for you. Hopefully Korea will be so much better. ❤


  3. I watched Train to Busan almost a year ago but I really enjoyed how thrilling it is. Paris is definitely not as pretty as everyone says it is, but your photographs look lovely.


  4. Ahh I didn’t know Kalyn has a podcast?? I shall look it up. iKon just performed in my country (along with Super Junior) for the Asian Games closing ceremony, but I didn’t get any tickets 😦 Like literally, the event just finished 14 minutes ago. I really want to watch Train to Busan, I’m saving it for the Halloween season!


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