November in the life | what I watched, listened to, and did in the past month

November has come to an end, which means it’s time for another ‘in the life of Jolien’ post. I use these post to talk to you about the music and podcasts I listened to, the movies and TV shows I watched, and the things I did during a certain month. So let’s talk about November!

what i did (3)

So, November… Most of the month has gone to looking through job ads, applying for jobs, and going to interviews. It might be boring to you, but that’s the truth! I’m looking for a job at the moment, which takes up quite a lot of time.

I also spent some time with my family this month! We celebrated Sint-Maarten on November 11, which deviates from the majority of Belgium as they celebrate Sinterklaas on December 6th. I have no idea why the region I live in celebrates in November, but we do. We spent it with family, giving gifts to the little ones, drinking coffee and tea, and eating cakes and pastries. And chocolate. So much chocolate.

I also spent a lot more time with my parents and brother than I have in months. Especially since I’m home most of the time now, and have come back from my trip. Also because their cat, Oscar, is adorable… I live very close to my parents, and walk there most of the time. The past month it’s been nice to walk in the autumn/winter weather!

I met up with some of my university friends for the first time in a while! I went to the birthday party of one of my best friends, and got to meet her family and eats lots of Armenian food (which is fantastic, by the way). I also met up with some of my other wonderful friends for a housewarming party, some wine, and pizza.

Last but not least, I went to Berlin for a few days! I met up with a girl I met while traveling in Korea, and we went to see The Rose in concert together. It was so wonderful. I’m so glad I met her in Korea, because she is the kindest person and we actually have such similar opinions and tastes – especially in music/K-pop. It was lovely to see her again, the concert was incredible, and Berlin is a beautiful city. You can always go to my Instagram to see pictures from my trips.

what i watched

It was the month of K-dramas, apparently.

Uncontrollably Fond – 4 stars
I started off the month by watching Uncontrollably Fond, which follows a documentary maker shunned because she took a bribe, and a famous actor who is dying. She wants to make a documentary about him because she desperately needs the money. I really liked the acting, how the show talked about justice and the rich, and the main couple. I kind of disliked how long it took for them to get their shit together though. I’ll have a review for this show up later this week!

Something in the Rain – 4 stars
I watched this show because it’s about a woman dating a younger guy (her best friend’s brother), which I find really refreshing to watch! The guy was honestly the sweetest, and their relationship was adorable. The only reason I didn’t rate this higher is because I just don’t understand the conflict. Why was it so wrong for them to be together? Because he’s younger? Anyway, I would recommend this to everyone!

I can’t rate this yet, because I’ve only watched like 2 or 3 episodes. However, I’m enjoying it so far! It’s about a woman who can see the shadow of death, and a grim reaper who takes over the body of a dead detective.

Boys over Flowers – 3 stars (or maybe 2.5?)
This is such a cult classic when it comes to K-dramas! It’s on pretty much every must-watch list. I didn’t really love it. Mostly because I watched Meteor Garden earlier this year, which follows the same story line. They’re both remakes, I believe, only Meteor Garden is a Chinese show from 2018 while Boys Over Flowers is a Korean show from 2009. Since I already knew what would happen, I didn’t love it as much. Obviously, the 2018 version spoke to me more because it was modern. I also preferred the acting in that one, over the acting here – especially when it comes to the main female lead.

Suspicious Partner
I also can’t rate this yet, because I haven’t finished it. So far, I am LOVING it. I think this might be a 4.5 or 5 star show.

what i listened to

It’s time for the music section.

EXO – Tempo
EXO COMEBACK TIME!! I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for a new EXO album. I love this group so much. This song has been stuck in my head for the entire month, as it was released at the start of November.

ATEEZ – Pirate King
ATEEZ is a very newly debuted group, as their debut songs Pirate King and Treasure were released at the end of October. They were known as KQ Fellaz before their debut! I didn’t love Pirate King the first time I listened to it, but somehow I ended up listening to it over and over again until I was obsessed with it. I am looking forward to what these boys will bring next.

This is actually a song from 2015, but I had no idea it existed. I’m not very familiar with BIGBANG, aside from the extremely popular songs nowadays. However, The Rose covered this song during their concert, and I absolutely loved it! The vibe this song creates is just so relaxed yet hype. Ever since the concert, I’ve been listening to this song.

NCT 127 – Simon Says
I always need to listen to new NCT 127 songs twice, because the first time I’m always struck by how weird/different they are. The same goes for this one. I only fell in love with it on the second watch/listen.

The Oh Hellos – Hello My Old Heart
This song was on a random bathtime Spotify playlist I listened to, and I loved it so much I immediately added it to my own playlist. It’s so calming and beautiful.

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox – Gangsta’s Paradise
This was also on that bathtime playlist! I really liked this cover, and I’m definitely checking out more of their covers.

That’s the end of this very long wrap up of my life in November! How was your month? Did you do anything fun? Listen to any great songs? Watch some great movies or shows?

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