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something in the rainSomething in the Rain/Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (2018)
Country: Korea
I watched it on Netflix
Number of episodes: 16
Rating: 8/10 – really liked it!

When a single career woman reunites with her best friend’s younger brother after he returns from three years of working abroad, their efforts to reconnect grow into romance.



my review

I’ve been enjoying writing these ‘Thoughts on TV’ posts because it allows me to take my mind off books for a while, and talk about the dramas I’ve been watching lately. I have to admit that this show is a tad fuzzy in my mind when it comes to what happened each episode because I binge-watched this. I just didn’t want to stop watching! I mean, that’s a good sign, right?

I’ll keep the same format for all my ‘thoughts on TV’ posts in the near future, because I’m quite enjoying the bullet point style. It really helps keep my thoughts concise!

Here’s what I loved about this show.

⭐️ portrayal of a healthy, adult relationship. I know I made that sound incredibly boring, but you can’t imagine how happy this made me. The fact that these two were friends for years first, how they fell in love with each other, and most importantly how well they communicated was so wonderful to witness. There was no toxic behavior, no alpha male stuff, and no guy screaming in the girl’s face. They have a healthy relationship and clearly care for each other so much.

⭐️ honestly, Joon-hee is the dream guy. Can I have one too, please? He’s kind, funny, respectful of her dreams and career, helps her stand up for herself, and is simply always there when she needs him. Plus, he’s so handsome…

⭐️ not having to wait 14 episodes for them to get together. I like that this was more of a story on their relationship, rather than one about their journey towards said relationship.

⭐️ addictive. This show was fantastic, and I couldn’t make myself stop watching. I binged the episodes and went to bed so late (for me, at least) because I just had to keep going.

⭐️ sibling relationships. In this story, Jin-Ah is best friends with Joon-Hee’s sister, and Joon-Hee is Jin-Ah’s brother’s best friend. Sorry if that seemed complicated… Anyway, there siblings are a huge part of their lives, which is clearly represented in the show. I have a brother too, and am lucky enough to have a good relationship with him. That’s why I appreciate it when I see it represented in a show.

⭐️ talks about sexual harassment at work. Look, we need to talk about this. I love that it showed how Jin-Ah stood up for herself and her colleagues, and spoke up about the inappropriate behavior of her bosses. The way they acted absolutely disgusted me, and I’m glad they didn’t just let it pass. Yes, she suffered consequences from speaking up. But that’s reality too.

There is something I didn’t really like about the show, however. I guess it’s more something I don’t understand, rather than something I don’t like.

💥 I didn’t understand what the big deal was. They keep their relationship quiet because they’re afraid their loved ones will be against it. And they are. I have to admit that I don’t understand? They’re both adults, make each other happy, and have a healthy relationship. So she’s a few years older than he is? So what? It’s not even that big of a difference… I don’t understand how you could choose to not support a relationship like theirs.

I would highly recommend this show! It’s so adorable, wholesome, and sweet! But also with some drama and fights, and a cold shower of reality. It’s made it up my list of favorites, and I’m definitely going to look up what other shows the actors play a role in.

5 thoughts on “My thoughts on Something in the Rain | Thoughts on TV

  1. I put this on my Netflix list way back in June but never got around to it. Now I KNOW I have to watch it! I didn’t realize that this show was all about their relationship, and not about the journey to getting into a relationship. Honestly, most books/movies follow the plot of the latter, so I’m excited to watch how their relationship develops. What a lovely review! 🤗


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