December in the life | Life wrap up

Every month, I make two wrap up posts. One focused on the books I read, and one focused on the other important things in my life: things I did, music I listened to, and movies and TV shows I watched. So let’s talk about December one more time

what i watched black

I watched Bird Box pretty much as soon as it was released on Netflix. I had never read the book, but seen it mentioned so many times in the online bookish community. The trailer was fantastic, so I decided to watch it without reading the book first. Cue the horrified gasp from every other book-lover out there. This movie is phenomenal. I was on edge the entire time while watching. I think this may be my favorite performance by Sandra Bullock, ever. If you haven’t watched it, please do so!

I also started watching You, the TV show adaptation of Caroline Kepnes’ novel. I tried reading You ages ago but DNFed because I just wasn’t interested enough. I’m about 6 episodes in right now, and loving the TV show! One I’ll definitely finish watching soon.

Lastly, I also continued watching Suspicious PartnerI haven’t finished it yet (think I have about 6 more episodes to go on Netflix) but I’m really enjoying this K-drama so far!

what i did black

I feel like December was such a long month for me. The majority of the time I spent looking through job ads and applying, going to interviews, and so on. Looking for a job in marketing and communication is an exhausting thing, but I’m not willing to give up.

However, I did do some fun things as well! I went to Baiersbronn with my parents for a few days, as a short holiday before the Christmas craze began. If you’re unaware, Baiersbronn is a small village in the Black Forest in Germany. It’s absolutely beautiful. We hiked a bit, spent an afternoon in the sauna and swimming pool, trudged through the snow, and went to a Christmas market. It was great.

I then celebrated Christmas Eve with my mom’s side of the family and New Year’s Eve with my dad’s side. It was a lot of fun! I got to relax, spend some time with my family, eat good food, and have some drinks. And get some presents. All in all, not bad right?

what i listened to black

Yes, I’m back with more K-pop. I’m sorry, okay? I just love it so much. Actually, I don’t know why I’m apologizing for this. I guess it comes from people always dismissing it or laughing at me? Who cares. I like what I like.

DAY6 – Days Gone By
I haven’t met a DAY6 comeback I haven’t liked. Seriously, I love all of their music. This one is very different than their other songs so far, but it’s been stuck in my head all the same. I’m actually going to their concert in Amsterdam in January, and I CAN’T WAIT.

EXO – Love Shot
Two EXO comebacks in one month? YES PLEASE. I think I might like this even better than Tempo. The “na na na” gets stuck in your head for days, I’m warning you.

ATEEZ – Treasure
In October, I became obsessed with ATEEZ’s song Pirate King. This month, I fell in love with Treasure instead. I find their songs, choreography, and music videos quite impressive considering it’s their debut.

Now we’ve taken a look at my life throughout the month of December! Tell me, what did you do? Did you watch a great movie or show? Did you listen to any fantastic music?

12 thoughts on “December in the life | Life wrap up

  1. Great article!

    I didn’t even realize Bird Box was a film adaptation at first. Going to try and read the book in 2019 and than watch the movie. I hear their both really good.

    YOU by Caroline Kepnes was my absolute favorite read of 2018 and the TV Series was perfectly adapted.

    2018 had so much great television. My favorite new series was Forever on Amazon. The House on Haunting Hill and Bodyguard were new favorites on Netflix as well.


      1. Yup, Richard Madden was on Bodyguard. What an intense and really great new series. He just won a Golden Globe over the weekend for his performance on that show. I was rooting for Matthew Rhys to win for The Americans, but Madden did give one heck of a performance on Bodyguard and totally happy to see him win for that show.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I am obsessed with Pirate King as well!! They are freaking good, my goodness! I did not like Tempo but omooo Love Shot is addictive!
    Suspicious Partner is just so awesome. I apparently have a thing for lawyer-y dramas and this was the best! I watched Bird Box today afternoon and I definitely agree. It was one hell of a ride! Aaaaaaaaand I added You just a moment ago in my to-watch-list! XD


  3. K-Poppppp fansss unite! 😂 No but seriously Love Shot was actually the first release from EXO that I’ve loved in quite a while (I’ve not been the biggest of fans of their releases from the past 1-2 years tbh) and you’re right about that ‘na na na’ getting stuck!


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