recent novella reads | Bound + Come Drink With Me

boundTitle: Bound
Series: Book of the Ancestor #2.5
Author: Mark Lawrence
Genre: fantasy
Published in 2018
Rating: ★★★★★ – a new favorite

This is a 16,000 word short story, primarily featuring Nona, Ara, Kettle, Regol. It should be read between Grey Sister and Holy Sister.

Find my review on the first book, Red Sister, here.
Read My review on the second book, Grey Sister, here.


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If you’ve read some of my blog posts already, you may know I’m a huge fan of Mark Lawrence’s Book of the Ancestor series. When I discovered he’d written a novella that takes place between Grey Sister and Holy Sister, I knew I had to read it immediately.

Obviously, I can’t say anything about the story because it would spoil the previous two books for you. I will say that I absolutely loved it. I’ve grown to adore these characters throughout the previous novels, and would read absolutely anything as long as they were in it.

True to the style of the series, this was funny, action-packed, stabby, and adorable at the same time. I’ve now gotten on board with two ships. If either of these don’t end up happening by the end of Holy Sister, I’m going to sue Mark Lawrence.

come drink with me
Title: Come Drink With Me
Author: Michelle Kan
Published in 2019
Genre: fantasy, fairytale
Rating: ★★★★ – really liked it

A Dragon, a Phoenix, and an Opera House.

Bonds that transcend time, loyalties that defy hardship, and the magic of the places we call Home.

An Aromantic Chinese Fairytale.


my thoughts on - review black (1)

I picked this novella up because CW over at The Quiet Pond talked about it on Twitter. It sounded so interesting, so I decided to pre-order it immediately.

It’s such an interesting short story. As the synopsis stated, it follows a Dragon and a Phoenix and takes place in an Opera House. How on Earth do I describe a novella without revealing everything that happens in the few pages it consists of? I can’t.

What I’ll say is the following… I wish I could read an entire book about these characters. Even though you get to spend so little time with them in Come Drink With Me, I found myself growing intrigued by them. I think it’s the first time I read a novella about characters I’ve never read about before. Usually, they’re in between novels of series I already like. I find it immensely impressive that Michelle Kan managed to make me care about two characters in 42 pages.

If the premise sounds interesting to you, I would highly recommend picking up this novella.

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