my to-read list for the #Asianreadathon in May

Cindy has quickly become one of my favorite BookTubers, so it’s really no surprise I immediately jumped on the readathon she’s hosting during the month of May. I know I have been participating in so many readathons these past few months, but I’m having lots of fun with them! As a bonus, I do think they help me read more than I would otherwise.

You can find all the information on the #asianreadathon here, such as the hosts, challenges, and tons of recommendations. There are a few challenges, and then there’s an additional twist to the challenge. You can use a book for multiple challenges, but as an additional twist, every book you read for the readathon should feature a character or author of different Asian ethnicity.

I probably won’t do the fifth challenge because that is to read the group book, which I don’t own.

read any book by an Asian author

There are so many possibilities here! They’re endless. Here are some books I either have a physical or digital copy of, I can borrow from the library, or are available on Scribd. I only added books in this category that I didn’t mention for the other challenges. 

Here’s a list of possible reads for this prompt!

Sorcerer to the Crown A Thousand Splendid Suns | The Poppy War | Severance | Forest of a Thousand Lanterns | The Gilded Wolves | On Such a Full Sea | Emergency Contact | All You Can Ever Know | Sea of Strangers | AI Superpowers | Ninefox Gambit |From Twinkle, With Love | If the Dress Fits | Descendant of the Crane | Empress of a Thousand Skies | Shadow of the Fox | Markswoman

read a graphic novel/manga with Asian characters/written and/or drawn by an Asian author

I might read Fullmetal Alchemist volume 3 as I’ve been really loving that series, or pick up Black Butler volume 3 or Death Note (Black Edition) volume 2 instead. All three are written/illustrated by Japanese manga artists. I could also go for We Were There volume 1, which I bought second hand on a whim last year. I could instead go for American Born Chinese as well, if I want to read a graphic novel written by a Chinese author.

read a book featuring an intersectional Asian character or written by an intersectional Asian identity

I recently spotted Not Your Sidekick on Scribd, which seems like a fun story about superheroes and villains, and an LGBT+ main character. The author, if I’m not mistaken, is Chinese-Vietnamese-American, bisexual, and open about her struggles with mental illness. Starfish is another book I spotted on Scribd, and could fit for this challenge. The main character is half-Japanese and struggles with social anxiety. There’s a huge chance I’ll go with The Black Tides of Heaven though because it sounds amazing and has been on my TBR for a while. J.Y. Yang is an author from Singapore, and identifies as queer and non-binary. There’s apparently a lot of discussion on sexuality and gender in their book, which I can’t wait to read. Lastly, I could listen to the audiobook of Darius the Great Is Not Okay for this challenge, which is the story of a biracial Iranian-American boy who goes to Iran for the first time. There’s also (according to reviews I’ve read) great depression representation.

read a book by an Asian author that was originally written in their native language

I could combine this challenge with any of the manga I’ve planned for the second challenge, as those have all been translated, but here are some other options too.

I have three more novels by Japanese authors for this challenge. Last year, I bought a copy of Train Man used, which seems like a funny, contemporary novel. I could also go for The Travelling Cat ChroniclesI bought it on a Kindle sale, as I heard nothing but great things about it. I’m pretty sure someone said it would make me cry. Lastly, I could go for the audiobook of Norwegian WoodI’ve never read any Murakami, which I think is a crime in some places.

Obviously, I won’t read all of these in May. That would be insane! However, I do think I have a decent amount of books I could choose from, no? Have you read any of these books? Which ones should I pick up first? Let me know if you’re participating in the readathon as well!

4 thoughts on “my to-read list for the #Asianreadathon in May

  1. Oooh have fun. As long as these readathons work for you then join all of them 😀
    You know Sorcerer to the Crown should be your first read. 😉 Not Your Sidekick is a lot of fun and The Black Tides of Heaven very interesting for the gender parts.


  2. You’ve got some great books on there! I’ve read The Black Tides of Heaven which was great, and The Poppy War which was also great but very dark. Markswoman is fun if you like YA. I am hoping to tackle Ninefox Gambit myself soon!


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