April in the life | a personal wrap up

As you may know, every month I write both a reading and personal wrap up. In this “in the life” post, I talk about the TV shows and movies I watched, the music I listened to, and the things I did in the previous month. Let’s take a look at my April!

what i watched black

I was 2 seasons behind on Game of Thrones before the start of the last season, so I watched a recap (GASP!) before the first episode of season 8 was released. I’m following along with season 8, so I’ve now watched the first episode. I still have to catch up on episode 2 and 3. NO SPOILERS, EVERYONE.

I’m also watching Skam France season 4. I watched season 3 as it was released, and absolutely loved it. I think it’s the first remake that comes close to the brilliance of the Norwegian show. As I really liked Imane in season 3, I knew I wanted to watch her season as well. So far, it’s incredible.

I also started watching Put Your Head On My Shoulders, a Chinese drama I randomly found thanks to MyDramaList and YouTube. You can actually follow along on YouTube, as episodes with English subtitles are posted twice a week! I’m really loving it so far. I’ve completely caught up, and am now eagerly awaiting the next episodes. I adore the fact that the main male character is smart, kind, considerate and just a soft boy. Yes, please.

While I was home sick, I also managed to watch the entirety of W – Two Worlds Apart, a Korean drama that’s been on my to-watch list for ages. I really enjoyed it, and think I gave it a rating of 9/10. It became a little bit too convoluted at the end, but overall it’s a fantastic drama. If you want to watch an action-packed series with romance, this is a great choice.

what i did black

April flew by, honestly, because it was so busy. I went to the ATEEZ concert on the 12th in Amsterdam, which was pretty great. I really enjoyed it! They’re incredible dancers and performers.

I also celebrated Easter with my family, even though none of us are actually religious. The weather was fantastic for a few days in April, and everyone was basking in the first sun. So did I. I already had two BBQs, and it’s only May!

Yeah, that’s it really. I went to a concert, spent time with my family, and enjoyed the first sun. I know that doesn’t sound busy at all, but somehow I still barely had any time at home. Where did my days go?

what i listened to black

BTS – Dionysus
Aside from Intro: Persona, this might be my favorite song in BTS’ new album. I’ve listened to it countless times, and just can’t get enough of it. The stage looks incredible as well, and I can’t wait to (hopefully) see it live in June!

Jonas Brothers – Cool
I am living for these Jonas Brothers songs! Both Sucker and Cool are so catchy and fun, and I’ve been listening to them on repeat.

Stray Kids – Chronosaurus
I don’t often fall in love with an entire album. Usually, I will pick two or three songs from it I absolutely love, and add those to my playlist. That wasn’t the case with Stray Kids’ MIROH. I added pretty much the entire album to my playlist, and Chronosaurus is one of my absolute favorites.

Angèle feat. Roméo Elvis – Tout Oublier
I just love this song. I don’t have much to say about it, since I figure most of you have heard it countless times already. If you haven’t, please listen to it now!

CHEN – Love Words
Chen’s new mini album is absolutely beautiful, but Love Words is undoubtedly a new favorite of mine. It’s just so gorgeous. His voice is to die for.

5 Seconds of Summer – Youngblood
This is another one I feel needs no explanation. This song is just catchy and fantastic.

What did you watch, listen to, and do in April?

7 thoughts on “April in the life | a personal wrap up

  1. I’m still stuck on game of thrones season 6 haha. Honestly with some of the spoilers reaching me (and me not liking what they are saying) I’m not sure how invested I am to watch season 7 and 8 at this point…

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