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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly post hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. I knew this week’s topic would be difficult from the moment I read the prompt, because I read a lot of fantasy and science fiction novels in which the main characters are genius, courageous and impulsive people, which I’m definitely not. However, I’ll try my best to look for some characters that remind me of myself. Here are my picks for this week’s TTT!


Jasnah – The Way of Kings (Stormlight Archive #1) by Brandon Sanderson
While I was reading The Way of Kings, there was one passage in particular in which Jasnah reminded me of myself. In her world, being an atheist is unthinkable – people can’t understand the fact that Jasnah does not believe. Devotaries come to her all the time, trying to convince her of the fact that their religion is true. I’m not saying that I deal with this all the time. It’s not like every person I know is trying to change my religious beliefs – or lack thereof. Even still, I’ve always been very conscious of the fact that neither I nor anyone in my family really believes. I’ve never been able to find reason within religion, yet I’m not completely opposed to it either (if that makes any sense).

Leah – Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli
I know that a lot of people were disappointed in this novel because they disliked Leah. I, on the other hand, saw a younger version of myself in her. Yeah, Leah wasn’t the nicest person. She held grudges for ridiculous reasons, and often felt left out by her friends – even when there was really no reason for it. That’s exactly what I was like as a teenager too. Am I proud of that today? No, of course not. I’ve grown as a person, and so will she. That doesn’t mean that we have to erase our pasts, and the mistakes we made though.

Filippa – If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio
A few years ago, I came across this Tumblr post that really stayed with me. It was someone talking about how they always felt like the one additional person in a group, the one no one would really miss, or everyone would talk over at times. The one who always ends up walking alone when the sidewalk isn’t wide enough for everyone to walk side by side. I have always felt like that as well. I know that in many cases, that wasn’t actually true. In my mind, it was though. That’s why Filippa reminded me of myself in If We Were Villains. She’s someone who is easily overlooked, but doesn’t miss anything herself. She observes everything and knows it all, yet people don’t notice her.

He watches her leave, then asks, “How much does she know?” “She knows everything.” He frowns, eyes nearly disappearing beneath his thick brows. “People always forget about Filippa,” I add. “And later, they always wish they hadn’t.”

Elle – Geekerella by Ashley Poston
The reason why Elle reminded me of myself is not as deep or philosophical as the last one was, so don’t worry. I simply relate to Elle’s love for Starfield so much. Growing up, I adored Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and Eragon. I still do. Becoming immersed in fandom was a huge part of my life, just like it is in Elle’s. I can also relate to her hearing news of a (new) movie adaptation and being wholly displeased with it. looking at you, Eragon.

Sylv – This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp
Unfortunately, this is quite a sad pick. If I remember correctly, one of Sylv’s immediate family members has dementia. While I can’t relate to having to take care of a family member who suffers from the disease, I do know what it’s like to one day see a person you love so much and have them not recognize you.

Frances – Radio Silence by Alice Oseman
One of the reasons I appreciate this book so much is because of Frances. I was over the moon to finally read a contemporary YA novel in which the main character is an introvert who would rather stay at home and immerse herself in her favorite stories, podcasts or hobbies than go partying. Even better, Alice Oseman shows us through Frances that if you are an introvert, you don’t need to change that integral part of you to have meaningful friendships and/or a happy and fulfilling life.

Like I mentioned earlier, it was very difficult to find characters in books I loved who reminded me of myself. I did manage to find 6 fictional people I feel a true connection with though, which is a surprising amount. I think I prefer to read about people who are very different from me. Escapism, right? Have you read any of these books? Are there any characters that remind you of yourself? 

16 thoughts on “characters that remind me of myself | #toptentuesday

  1. I agree, I think a lot of readers judge people by who they are now. When in reality, a lot of teenagers (myself when I was one included) are fickle and immature at times; we all are honestly. But they have more breadth to do that because they’re teenagers. They’re allowed to grow and learn from their mistakes. Leah as a flawed character is much more relatable than a perfect one, and she’s only 16. Can we see her growing into a person who is able to manager her emotions better? Absolutely.


  2. I related a lot to Leah too – she definitely reminds me of my teenage self. And I haven’t yet read If We Were Villains, but I relate so hard to that description, so I think I will identify a lot with this character too! xxx


  3. Great list! Leah very nearly made it onto my list this week, too, so you’re not alone there. I really need to read If We Were Villains – I haven’t seen a bad review of it yet!


  4. I initially didn’t care for Leah in simon vs but in Leah on the Off Beat I got to know her better and I liked her quite a bit better. Sometimes book characters, especially teens, can really show us the sides of our teenage selves we’d sometimes rather not think about as an adult. I think this is where the whole critical bits on teens come from. People complained Lara Jean was too childish at the age of 16. But that was me through and through.


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