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romance is a bonus bookRomance is a bonus book (2019)
Country: South Korea
Genre: romance, drama
Number of episodes: 16
Rating: ★★★★★ – a new favorite

Cha Eun Ho is a successful author and a senior editor at a book publishing company. Kang Dan-i is a mother and former successful advertising executive. When Cha Eun Ho was a child, Kang Dan-i saved him from an accident and was injured. Cha Eun Ho helped her recuperate and they have been close friends ever since. When Kang Dan-i goes through a major life change and tries to re-enter the professional world, their lives become even more connected. They face personal and professional challenges as they slowly start to realize their true feelings for each other.

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This drama came up in my recommendations on Netflix, and I immediately knew I had to watch it. I started it right away, and was caught up in absolutely no time. It had been a while since I watched a show where I had to wait a week for another (two) episode(s), but I couldn’t wait for it all to be released first. This has become one of my favorite dramas now! Let’s talk about the reasons why.

⭐️ the main characters have been friends for years. It’s no secret whatsoever that I adore the friends to lovers trope. Of all the romantic tropes that exist, I think this one culminates in a healthy relationship more often. They already know one another so well, and it makes their feelings seem far more believable as a viewer.

⭐️ there’s no unnecessary drama relationship-wise. I know that the point of romance dramas is for the viewer to be involved in the relationship, and to create tension so we keep watching. However, it gets kind of annoying when things keep getting in the way of the couple. This show isn’t like that at all, and I love it. It’s clear how much the main characters love and trust one another.

⭐️ it focuses on Dan-i’s career. I like the fact that this drama is about Dan-i becoming a part of the workforce again after being a stay-at-home mom for years. It shows how difficult it is to find a job these days, especially if you have a gap between jobs. She goes on so many interviews, only to be shut down for reasons she cannot change whatsoever. I completely understand her frustration, and seeing that on screen was incredible.

⭐️ soft boy! Do I really need to say more? You all know how much I adore soft boys. Give me all the kind, sweet, funny, and caring leads and keep all the bad boys.

⭐️ side characters. As the show goes on, you get to know the people Dan-i and Eun Ho work with more. I loved getting to know them, and seeing the friendships they develop along the way.

⭐️ it’s about a publishing company. As a booklover, you know that this is a plus for me. Thumbs up, everyone.

Even though I gave this show 5 stars, there is one thing I didn’t love. It isn’t necessarily something I disliked, I just have a lot of questions about it.

💥 Dan-i’s daughter is absent for this entire drama. Like I mentioned before, Dan-i was a stay-at-home mom for years. Her daughter is now at a boarding school (abroad?) which is why they don’t live together anymore. You see them call each other once in a while, but that’s all the interaction you get. I would have loved to see them together more, especially once Dan-i starts dating someone new.

If you haven’t watched this show, please do. I promise it’s worth your time.

7 thoughts on “my thoughts on romance is a bonus book | thoughts on TV

  1. omg i’ve been meaning to start this! i haven’t been watching dramas lately (i still have a chinese one to finish, as well as about two other kdramas lol) but this one sounds soooo good! i mean, BOOKS AND SOFT BOYS AND FRIENDS TO LOVERS???? COUNT ME IN


      1. i took a few months off from watching meteor garden but recently started again. i’m currently on episode 32 i think. i don’t think i’ve heard of put your head on my shoulder!


          1. ooh i’ll check it out!! yeah it’s soooo long but i’m only about 19 episodes from finishing it!


  2. I agree 100% with your review! This is definitely one of my new favorite kdramas, for all the reasons you mentioned: the friends to lovers, the secondary characters, the love of books, the struggle of Dan-i and especially the lack of unnecessary drama. My only downside was also the missing daughter, it would have been nice to have her in the series just a tad more and I was disappointed she wasn’t at least in some sort of epilogue. But overall, I LOVED IT! Already want to re-watch, which doesn’t normally happen 😊


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