my favorite sff bffs (so many abbreviations…)

Today’s Top 5 Wednesday post revolves around our favorite SFF BFFs! I love to read about friendships, especially in science fiction and fantasy novels. Everyone can use a friend, right? Here are some of my favorite fictional friendships!

Hadrian & RoyceRiyria Revelations by Michael J. Sullivan
There will never be a post on my favorite friendships in fantasy novels without Hadrian and Royce on it. Ever. Is this duo fairly typical for adult high fantasy? Yes. Do I love them any less for it? Nope.

Morrigan & HawthorneNevermoor by Jessica Townsend
I feel so weird adding a middle grade book onto this list, because I’m not used to reading much aimed at said age range. I’m clearly not the target audience, and thus tend to stay away from it. However, this series captured my heart in 2018 and part of the reason why is the friendship between Morrigan & Hawthorne.

Nona & AraBook of the Ancestor by Mark Lawrence
I haven’t read the last book yet, and I have hopes for it becoming more, but so far I love the friendship and loyalty between Ara and Nona. They start off on the wrong foot, Ara being rich and noble and Nona being poor and alone, but grow to trust and love each other along the years.

Darius & SevroRed Rising by Pierce Brown
One of the reasons I love Red Rising so much is because of its brutality. Darius and Sevro trust each other, even knowing how capable of violence and cruelty the other is. It’s quite remarkable to see, to be honest.

Jean & LockeGentleman Bastards by Scott Lynch
Once again, I will never make a list about my favorite fictional friendships without Jean and Locke. That’s it.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of their friendships? What are your favorite SFF BFFs?

9 thoughts on “my favorite sff bffs (so many abbreviations…)

  1. Jean and Locke. ❤ ❤ ❤

    I think you might really enjoy Megan O'Keefe's The Scorched Continent trilogy. The friendship between Detan and Tibbs is one of my absolute favorites.


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