August in the life, a personal wap up of the month

I skipped July’s personal wrap up post, but I’m actually on time for my August post. Am I proud of myself now? Absolutely. If you’re unaware, in these ‘in the life’ posts I talk about the movies and TV shows I watched, the music and podcasts I listened to, and the things I did in the previous month. Let’s get into it.

what i watched 19

I only got around to watching Queer Eye season 4 in August, even though it was released in July. I absolutely loved this season, it might be one of my favorites so far. If you, for whatever reason, haven’t watched Queer Eye yet please go change that immediately.

I also started watching a K-drama called Fight For My Way. So far, I have seen 8 of the 16 episodes, and quite like it. I hope to finish this series in September!

what i did 19

August was quite the month for me! I started it off on an incredibly high note. I went on a trip to Berlin with one of my wonderful friends, and we went to the Stray Kids concert there. It was absolutely epic and indescribable. You best believe I will be buying tickets if they come to Europe again. They are fantastic performers. I will be going on a trip to Seoul and Tokyo with the same friend in September and October, and I can’t wait. I always have a fantastic time with her. We actually had to get up at 3AM on a random Saturday in August to buy tickets to the Studio Ghibli museum in Tokyo because that’s when the online ticket sale started and they sell out so fast!

August truly centered around rekindling my friendships. After the trip to Berlin, the lovely Alessandra and her boyfriend went on a city trip to Belgium and visited Ghent (where I work). I’m so happy we got to catch up because I truly missed her! I also had a lovely dinner with two of my uni friends, who I hadn’t seen in too long.

As for my family, in August I spent a weekend at my parents’ house, watching their cat while they were on holiday. I truly enjoyed spending a weekend alone in my childhood home. The following weekend, I made a brunch spread for my mom so we could celebrate her birthday together.

In my post where I talk about my absence on this blog, I also mentioned starting a new gym membership. In August, I tried out multiple different group classes aside from the regular workouts and found some I really enjoyed. I took a Zumba class (which I’ll definitely take again), a BodyAttack one (which I’ll also take again but was so hard) and a CrossFit Fundamentals class (which is for “beginners” but nearly killed me and ripped the skin off my hands). I’m having fun discovering the place! I’ve already planned for some more new classes in September.

what i listened to 19


I really didn’t like this song at first, but grew absolutely obsessed with it a few days later. Weird, right? The performance of this song is completely insane. I have a never-ending amount of respect for SEVENTEEN.

ITZY – Icy
I’m really liking Itzy’s songs so far! They are so catchy, and I love the messages behind them. I can’t wait to see what the future brings these girls.

The Rose – RED
Honestly, The Rose never disappoints. Their songs are always epic. I was quite surprised by the tone of this one though. It’s far happier than their previous ones. Can’t wait to see this live at some point.

Does the way they pronounce “au revoir” kind of bother me? Yes. Do I still think this is a bomb song? Absolutely. The MV is pretty amazing too!

ONEWE – Regulus
I. LOVE. THIS. SONG. My love for ONEWE just keeps on growing and growing.



I’ve been listening to Potterless while doing chores this month, and it’s been fantastic. If you haven’t listened to this podcast yet, I’d urge you to give it a go. It’s hosted by Mike Schubert, a 25-year-old man who is reading the Harry Potter series for the first time. He discusses a few chapters per episode, and always invites a Harry Potter fan onto the podcast so they can talk about the chapters together. It’s so much fun! While I adore the HP series and have done so since I was a child, I do acknowledge that it has its faults and problematic parts. This podcast never fails to make me laugh, it’s so funny.

That was my month! How was August for you? Did you do anything fun? Watch any good movies? Listen to some fantastic music? Let me know!

Curse breaker looking for a job | N.E.W.T.s wrap up

The end of August marks the end of the #newtsreadathon2019, a month-long readathon hosted by Book Roast. I love the magical readathons because a) they’re Harry Potter themed, and b) they truly push me to read more or to pick up books that I’ve been putting off for a while.

August was such a fantastic reading month for me! I finished 17 books (and manga) and DNF’ed another one. First, let’s talk about the books I read to pass the NEWTs I need to become a curse breaker.

curse breaker exams

ancient runes

A > Shortcake Cake vol. 1 by Suu Morishita – ★★★.₅
I really enjoyed the introduction to this cute manga. As usual, it’s an incredibly quick read, and you’ll find yourself glued to the pages until you’ve reached the end. While it was an adorable volume and I enjoyed it enough to continue the manga, I don’t like how the sentences are cut across panels. It makes the reading experience a tad choppy.

E > Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin – ★★★
I was quite disappointed by this finale to the Wolf by Wolf duology. I read the first book a few years ago, and remember really liking it. Here are my thoughts in a nutshell: I find the story line itself very fascinating but the way Graudin tried to make it clear to the reader that the characters were German grated on my nerves. I wrote all about it in my mini Goodreads review.

O > The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton – ★★.₅
If this wasn’t the disappointment of the month. When I first got this book (4 years ago), everyone was raving about it. The Miniaturist is such a praised novel, and I’d been putting it off for ages. I should’ve just listened to my instincts and unhauled it because this book was a) not what I was expecting based on the synopsis, and b) boring as hell.


A > Shortcake Cake vol. 2 by Suu Morishita – ★★★.₅
After finishing the first volume I immediately continued with this one which resulted in me not remembering where the story of one ends and the other begins. Anyway, just like the first volume it was cute and fun, yet the sentences were way too short.

E > Mango Summer by Agay Llanera – ★★★
I would recommend Mango Summer for those of you looking for a cute adult romance novel. It feels a little bit like reading a romcom set in the Philippines. The pacing of the book was a tad off and I didn’t love the writing, but it was a solid read still.

O > The Amulet of Samarkand (Bartimaeus #1) by Jonathan Stroud – ★★★★.₅
I bought this one secondhand last year after realizing how much Annemieke loves this author, and figured this readathon was the perfect time to pick it up. I absolutely loved this book. It was so engaging and captivating, and I couldn’t stop reading. What’s truly fascinating about this novel is that it’s partly told in third person and partly in first.

charms and DADA

Charms A > Our Dreams at Dusk vol. 1 by Yuhki Kamatani – ★★★★
Another manga volume I breezed through. I really wish I had bought more than just the first one though, because I really enjoyed it. It’s the story of a boy struggling to love and accept the fact that he’s gay. He meets a group of people going through a similar thing. One of the things I loved most about this story is discovering that the author is non-binary (and loves dogs). I’m so happy to support LGBT+ authors and mangaka!

DADA A > Contagion (Contagion #1) by Erin Bowman – ★★★.₅
I got this one from the library, actually. I’ve seen a few people mention it before, and it seemed like an interesting concept. However, I wasn’t fascinated enough to buy my own copy immediately. Imagine my surprise when I spotted it in my local library. It was quite a captivating read. I really enjoyed this YA scifi/horror story, and I’ll definitely read the sequel!

DADA E > Fullmetal Alchemist 3-in-1 edition vol. 5 by Hiromu Arakawa – ★★★★★
I truly adore FMA. That’s all I have to say.

other exams I took

care of magical creatures

A > All the Young Dudes – ★★★★.₅
There’s no actual cover for this one because it’s a fanfiction available on AO3. Now, I know what you’re thinking. We’re counting fanfiction now? Honestly, this one is on Goodreads which is the qualifier for the NEWTs but it’s also 526.969 words long. That makes it good enough to go on the list, right? I absolutely adored this fanfic, and it might be one of the best Remus Lupin/Sirius Black stories I’ve ever read.

E > Girls on the Verge by Sharon Biggs Waller – ★★★★★
Another epic read. I read this in one day. I can’t even describe the rollercoaster ride my emotions were on while devouring this book. Anger, sadness, happiness… I felt it all. If you haven’t read this YA contemporary novel yet, fix that right now. This story is about a Texan girl who is driving hours out of her way to find pills to get an (illegal) abortion, as abortion has become illegal in Texas.

charms and DADA

Charms E > Fullmetal Alchemist 3-in-1 edition vol. 6 by Hiromu Arakawa – ★★★★
I sped through these bind-ups in August even though they’re all 500+ pages.

Charms O > Fullmetal Alchemist 3-in-1 edition vol. 9 by Hiromu Arakawa – ★★★★★
I can’t believe I finished this manga in August! I can’t believe it’s over! I wasn’t READY YET.

DADA O > To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo – ★★★★
Another library book I really enjoyed. I’d seen some of my favorite bloggers give positive reviews to this YA fantasy centered around a siren who kills princes and a prince who kills sirens. Did I love it? Yes, I really did! It was a fantastic read, and I can’t wait to see what Alexandra Christo will write next.


A > The Black Tides of Heaven (Tensorate #1) by J.Y. Yang – ★★★★.₅
I put off reading this SFF novella for ages which I’m now kicking myself for. It blew my expectations out of the water. If you’re looking for diverse SFF to add to your to-read list, go for the Tensorate series of novellas. I promise they won’t disappoint.

E > Fullmetal Alchemist 3-in-1 edition vol. 7 by Hiromu Arakawa – ★★★★.₅
Like I mentioned before, I flew through this manga in August. I think I read over 2000 pages worth of FMA alone.

O > Fullmetal Alchemist 3-in-1 edition vol. 8 by Hiromu Arakawa – ★★★★★
The final 6 volumes of this series were so captivating! It was all came to a close in an epic manner.

That’s it, everything I read in the month of August! I did DNF one book, which was The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison. 20 pages in I knew I wouldn’t like it, so I decided to just let it go.

I managed to pass all the exams needed to become a curse breaker and I’m so proud of myself! I will graduate Hogwarts with an Outstanding in Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, and Transfiguration as well as an Exceeds Expectations in Care of Magical Creatures. Not a bad resume, in my opinion!

August Wrap Up

I only read 3 books in August… I think that’s the lowest amount I’ve read in a month in about 4 years? Yeah. Although I did read a lot of fan fiction! And some of those are like 60 to 90 chapters long. One of them was 91 chapters and 500 000+ words. I mean, that must count for something? Anyway, let’s talk about the books I actually managed to read.

Geekerella by Ashley Poston // 4 stars // I bought this at YALC, and felt like reading a fluffy contemporary in August. This was so much fun! I loved the twists on the classic Cinderella story -like the pumpkin actually being The Magic Pumpkin, a vegan food truck. I also enjoyed the discussion on whitewashing in Hollywood. 

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee // 5 stars // Definitely one of my favorite reads of 2017 now. I ADORED this book. If you want to read this as well, I’d highly recommend the audiobook. It really adds something to Monty’s voice.

The Hammer of Thor (Magnus Chase #2) by Rick Riordan // 4.5 stars // I’m slowly catching up with Rick Riordan’s latest books! Another one I actually listened to, and an audiobook I’d recommend too. It did take me a while to get used to the narrator though. Can I just say that I adore Alex?

Yup, that’s all I read in August. I know… Quantity-wise, not a great month. Quality-wise though, I’m very satisfied with my reading! I also managed to reach my Goodreads reading goal by finishing The Hammer of Thor. 

Have you read any of these books? Which books did you read in August?

August Wrap Up | My Month in Rewind

It’s already September. How is that even possible? Anyway, it’s time for my August Wrap Up! I didn’t have the greatest reading month in August as I had a lot going on but I still managed to read something! 

What I Read (2)



Republic of Thieves (Gentleman Bastard #3) by Scott Lynch – ★★★★★ // The Year of the Runaways by Sunjeev Sahota – ★★★★ // Frostfire (Kanin Chronicles #1) by Amanda Hocking – ★★★★★ // Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr – ★★★½ // The Crown Tower (Riyria Chronicles #1) by Michael J. Sullivan – ★★★★★

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo – ★★★ // Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan – ★★★★★ // The Big Bucket List Book by Gin Sander – ★★★ // Warbreaker (Warbreaker #1) by Brandon Sanderson – ★★★★★

Reviews (2)

1. The List by Joanna Bolouri – ★★
2. Republic of Thieves (Gentleman Bastard #3) by Scott Lynch – ★★★★★
3. Crown of Embers (Fire and Thorns #2) by Rae Carson – ★★★★★
4. Frostfire (Kanin Chronicles #1) by Amanda Hocking – ★★★★★
5. Me Before You (Me Before You #1) by Jojo Moyes – ★★★★★
6. The Martian by Andy Weir – ★★★★★
7. Two Non-Fiction Reviews: The Messy Baker & The Big Bucket List Book
8. The Thousand Dollar Tan Line (Veronica Mars #1) by Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham – ★★★★

On the Blog (2)

  • When I came back from London, I wrote a post all about my work experience at Pan Macmillan – here
  • Researching the authors whose books I would automatically buy, I discovered there were several authors whose entire works I want to read. I read one or two books by said authors and decided I would need to read everything they have ever written – here
  • A post you all seemed to like very much: My Favorite Villains, Part I – here
  • As I wrote more about villains, I discovered that some characters are neither a villain nor a hero. So I discussed that and showed you some examples – here
  • As always, I wrote a post talking about all the September new releases I can’t wait to devour – here

What I Watched (2)


Switched at Birth

I have fallen in LOVE with this TV show in August. I’m “only” on season 3 so I have a few more episodes to watch but I already know I’m going to feel empty when I’m finally caught up. At first, I didn’t want to watch it. I thought it was just going to be a show about two girls getting switched and drama ensues. But there’s so much more to it than that! First up, quite some of the main characters are deaf, and use American Sign Language. It’s so unique, and AWESOME. I want to learn it too now, even though I don’t know anyone who is deaf. Especially not a deaf American.. 

The gif is of the characters Emmett & Bay – WHO I ADORE. YES. Emmett is my favorite character. Honestly, he’s so great. You should watch this show just for him.


The Fosters

Another show I only recently started! This is all about family. Not blood, but family. It’s about this couple, Stef and Lena who have a biological son, adopted children and now foster children. It’s just amazing. You get the new family dynamics, the teenage drama and so on. So much diversity going on. Also, when does anything ever go well? I wonder. 


The Three Musketeers

YES! I haven’t watched all the episodes out yet, but I’m already in love with this show. It’s funny, exciting and genius. Plus, it’s got Luke Pasqualino as D’Artagnan… What more could anyone want? 

In Real Life (2)

Great things

I did a two-week work experience at Pan Macmillan in London! It was probably one of the greatest two weeks of my life. I feel like this experience not only taught me about publicity/communication in publishing but also about myself. Living on your own, in a country where you don’t know anyone, even if it is just for 2,5 weeks is quite eye-opening! 

I’m trying to turn my lifestyle into a healthier one. This month, I started keeping a calendar of my workouts, my water consumption and so on. I love the Yoga With Adrienne YouTube channelShe is the best yoga teacher for me. She’s kind, down to earth and has a nice and calming voice. If you’d like to try out yoga, I’d definitely recommend her channel. I’ve also discovered an amazing way of doing cardio! It’s not a secret that I loathe running. But dance? I LOVE IT. So when I discovered The Fitness Marshall on YouTube, I was over the moon. His cardio dance workouts are fun and amazing, but you’ll work up a good sweat while you’re at it! 

I’m starting to rekindle my love for cooking by trying out new recipes! I’ve tried a roasted cauliflower one, a bell pepper-tomato sauce for my pasta and yesterday I made chicken with sweet potatoes and chickpeas in the oven. They all turned out absolutely delicious! Oh, I also made Tanya Burr’s cookies with milk and white chocolate.

Not so great things

My laptop is broken. Well, the laptop still works but the screen is broken. So you can’t actually see anything… But luckily, I can still access my files by connecting a standing screen. I ordered a new laptop two weeks ago, but it arrived broken. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So now I have sent it back and I will get a new one. God knows when though. So yeah. If you’re wondering where all my money went, that’s where. Also, my ereader broke in July, and I still haven’t gotten a new one…

So that’s my monthly wrap up for August! Have you read any of the books I’ve read? Seen any of the shows? Have any recommendations for me? Should I add any other categories to my monthly wrap up, like quotes or music? Let me know!

9 August Releases I Need to Read & 1 I Recommend

Every month, a ton of books get released. But since it would be impossible for me to actually read them all, let alone mention them all, I chose 10 new releases I can’t wait to read. These books will all be released in August 2015, and as always, the title will lead you to the Goodreads page.

lair of dreams until friday night court of fives legacy of kings never always sometimes

1. Lair of Dreams (The Diviners #1) by Libba Bray // August 25th //
The wait for this book has been ridiculous. I may even need to reread The Diviners. I read it when it got released but by now, I can barely remember anything…
2. Until Friday Night (The Field Party #1) by Abbi Glines // August 25th //
Sounds like a solid new adult novel. Plus, it’s been a while since I’ve read any Abbi Glines.
3. Court of Fives (Court of Fives #1) by Kate Elliott // August 18th //
A YA Fantasy about Commoners and Patrons. I’m curious to see whether it’s as good as it sounds!
4. Legacy of Kings (Blood of Gods and Royals #1) by Eleanor Herman // August 25th //
THIS SOUNDS EPIC. I’m so looking forward to reading this high fantasy novel!
5. Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid // August 1st //
I’ve been seeing this around and I have to admit that the synopsis has me hoping for a cute and adorable read.

reawakened greek heroes the fifth season daughter of dusk what you left behind

6. Reawakened (The Reawakened #1) by Colleen Houck // August 11th //
First of all, this cover is gorgeous. And it’s about Egyptian gods and stuff!
7. Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan // August 6th //
I CAN’T CONTAIN THE EXCITEMENT. I loved the Greek Gods, and I adore Percy, so I already know I will love this.
8. The Fifth Season (The Broken Earth #1) by N.K. Jemisin // August 4th //
The first sentence of the synopsis is: “This is the way the world ends. Again.” That sentence + it being a fantasy novel? I’m sold.
9. Daughter of Dusk (Midnight Thief #2) by Livia Blackburne // August 4th  //
I enjoyed the first book -although I can’t remember everything that happened- so I’m hoping to enjoy this one too.
10. What You Left Behind by Jessica Verdi // August 4th //
I have already read this one, and I enjoyed it so much. I will leave a link to my review here, but I’d recommend you to pick it up! It’s a contemporary on a subject I’ve never read before. It definitely gave me a new perspective to look at.

Have you read any of the new releases? Are you anticipating any others? Let me know!