A late July wrap up

I know this post is quite late as we’re already halfway through the month of August, but better late than never. I only read a few things during July thanks to the reading slump I’d been in for a while already. Here’s what I managed to finish!

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1) by George R.R. Martin – ★★★★★
I had been rereading this since March. I do love this series but I wasn’t feeling motivated to read it whatsoever. Then the #IronThroneReadalong happened, which gave me the push to finish this book. I read along with the group and found so many nuggets and hints to the later events in the story. I annotated my copy as well!

Fullmetal Alchemist 3-in-1 edition vol. 3 by Hiromu Arakawa – ★★★★
I’m still on my FMA kick, and I don’t see it ending soon. I am falling in love with all of the characters, one volume at a time.

Fullmetal Alchemist 3-in-1 edition vol. 4 by Hiromu Arakawa – ★★★★.₅
I’m powering through this manga! Pretty soon I’ll have nothing left to read… I’m both excited to find out how it will end and sad that it will come to a close soon.

The Bride Test by Helen Hoang – ★★★
This was one of my most anticipated releases of 2019, and I was over the moon when I got accepted for a review copy on Netgalley. I’ve already reviewed it as well. I enjoyed it, but found it nowhere near as epic as her previous novel, The Kiss Quotient.

Twelve Kings (Song of the Shattered Sands #1) by Bradley P. Beaulieu – ★★★.₅
I loved the world, characters and history of this fantasy novel, but was disappointed by the pacing and writing. I’ve summarized my thoughts on Goodreads, as I’ve taken a break from posting. I would still recommend this book, and I’ll definitely continue the series, but I have to admit I was expecting more from this SFF novel.

That’s all I read during the month of July! I apologize for the late post and the very short thoughts on each book. As I mentioned in my ‘taking a break’ post, I haven’t felt very inspired to write here. However, I still wanted to share my July reads with you. I also want to put up my July in the life post in the coming week so I can chat to you all about what I watched, listened to, and did in the last month.

How was your month? Did you read any good books?

What I Watched, Listened to & Did in July

I’m making a separate post for my July wrap up this month, mostly because it would’ve been an incredibly long post otherwise. So let’s take a look at what I listened to and watched during July 2018, and what I did.

what i listened to

It’s time for some more music!

ASTRO – Always You

I feel like Astro is a criminally underrated K-pop group. They usually have pretty cutesy songs, which isn’t all that common for boy groups. This comeback however is a lot more mature. I believe it’s due to the problems their company, Fantagio, has been facing. Maybe they even believed they’d never have a comeback again, or maybe their group is still in danger due to the company’s problems. I’m not sure, but I would recommend listening to the song anyway. It’s really good.

Avicii – Feeling Good

This song was used in a Sense8 episode and I have been listening to it for months. For some reason, I keep coming back to it.


I’m going to be honest, this is not my favorite SVT comeback. Seventeen is one of my all-time favorite K-pop groups though, so I’ve still been listening to this song. It’s quite different from their previous ones.

what i watched

I watched quite a few more episodes of Rich Man, Poor Woman at the start of the month. I haven’t caught up with the show yet, mostly because I’m not super into it. I like it well enough while watching, but never have the urgent need or want to start watching again. I do quite like the main actress! While I love Suho as well, I don’t adore him in this.

Then I started watching Queer Eye. I wasn’t excited about this show at first, because who really needs more transformation reality tv? But then I saw how many people adore this show, and how emotional it made them. So I figured I’d give it a try. I was hooked immediately. I managed to watch all the episodes in the span of a week and I can’t believe there aren’t more to watch now.

I really want to listen to Queer Eye’s Jonathan’s podcast now, because I just love his energy and positivity! Have you listened to it?

what i did (3)

July was an important month for me because I really got in a better mindset during the past month. Most of that is due to one thing: I started my yoga practice again. I had been neglecting yoga for about a year, and I always had trouble getting back onto the mat. During the month of July, I started Yoga With Adriene’s True series. The difference in my practice this time is that I went into it with an open mind. I didn’t get angry at myself for being less flexible or not being able to hold positions for a long time. I was just proud of myself for showing up and doing my best. And that had such a big effect on my life. My anxious feelings lessened, and so did my self-doubt. I slept better and got a lot more done during the day. Overall, my mood was a lot more uplifted and positive. I have been slacking a bit for the past few days because I haven’t been in the best mindset, but I’m feeling much better today and I know I will show up on my mat again tonight.

The second exciting thing I did in July was go to YALCI absolutely loved my time at YALC last year, and this year was no exception. I met so many great authors like Becky Chambers, Holly Bourne, Tomi Adeyemi, Alice Oseman, Alwyn Hamilton, and more. They were all such kind and wonderful people! Definitely worth it, even though the queues were insane at times.

One of my favorite things about YALC is getting to meet all these wonderful and kind bookish people. Here are some incredible people you should definitely follow, if you don’t already:

  • Alessandra: a wonderful and kind Ravenclaw who everyone should get to know
  • Jane Kelsey: such a fun and amazing woman who fangirled with me over the celebrities we saw at YALC -and who has a beautiful bookstagram account!
  • TJ Lubrano: another wonderfully kind and funny woman who creates the most beautiful illustrations

So that was my month of July! Or at least, the part I feel comfortable sharing right now… How was your month? Did you watch any good shows or movies? Did you listen to any great songs and podcasts? Let me know!