July reading prompts, my random monthly TBR

As I have been doing every single month of this year so far, I’m here to talk to you about my monthly reading prompts for July. If you’re unaware what this entails, each month I chose 3 or 4 prompts of the Popsugar Reading Challenge through a random number generator. This challenges me and guides my reading without creating a TBR that’s set in stone.

I haven’t had much luck with reading the past two months, honestly. I haven’t read all that much, and if it weren’t for manga my reading count would be much lower. I’ve actively decided to not participate in any readathons in July (even though there are so many great ones happening) because I need to relax about my reading before the NEWTs in August come around. First, I need a few weeks of non-pressured reading. Anyway, let’s take a look at the prompts I’ll hopefully be able to tick off the list by the end of July.

a book published posthumously

The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien
This book has been on my shelf for years, even though I’m such a huge Tolkien fan. His works are just so intimidating! However, as July is a month of non-pressured reading I might finally be in the mood to pick a book I won’t be able to finish immediately.

Persuasion by Jane Austen
While doing research for this prompt, I discovered that Persuasion was also published posthumously! If I don’t feel like reading The Silmarillion after all, this could be a good option. Especially as there are audiobooks available for free.

If you have any other recommendations on works published after the author passed away, please let me know! I had a lot of difficulty with this one. The few books (outside of these two) that fit the challenge I was either not interested in, or had already read.

a book you meant to read in 2018

Daughter of the Blood (The Black Jewels #1) by Anne Bishop
I adore Anne Bishop’s The Others series, and have been meaning to branch out into her other works for years. Somehow, that still hasn’t happened. Even though I put this book on countless TBRs in 2018.

Record of a Spaceborn Few (Wayfarers #3) by Becky Chambers
Record of a Spaceborn Few was one of my most anticipated releases of 2018, and I definitely meant to read it as soon as it was released. However, the paperback was so expensive I simply couldn’t justify it. I finally bought a copy a few weeks back, and am dying to finish the trilogy.

The Mime Order (The Bone Season #2) by Samantha Shannon
I read The Bone Season, the first book in the series, in 2016 and somehow still haven’t managed to continue it. My inability to keep up with series has become utterly embarrassing. I actually meant to read this in 2016, so it’s safe to say this fits the prompt.

The Year of the Gadfly by Jennifer Miller
Last year, I picked up a copy of The Year of the Gadfly because Olive (abookolive on YouTube) recommended it in a video of books similar to The Secret History. That sounds like everything I need in life, yet it’s still sitting on my shelf, unread.

a book set in Scandinavia

The Keeper of Lost Causes (Department Q #1) bu Jussi Adler-Olsen
This is a Danish crime novel that centers around a detective who has been assigned cold cases. It sounds really intriguing! I haven’t read much Scandinavian fiction, even though their mystery and crime novels are quite popular in Belgium.

The Unit by Ninni Holmqvist
If I’m not feeling like reading a crime novel, I could pick up this Swedish dystopian novel instead. I’ve never heard anyone talk about The Unit, but it sounds fascinating. In this setting, women over fifty and men over sixty who are single and childless start living in The Unit, where they slowly start taking part in drug testing and donating organs until their final donation.

a book about someone with a superpower

The Mime Order (The Bone Season #2) by Samantha Shannon
I loosely interpreted the ‘superpowers’ in the prompt, and feel like it does fit the world of The Bone Season. I really need to read this book soon. Honestly, I’m out of excuses.

Black Butler vol. 3 by Yana Toboso
The butler in this manga kind of has superpowers, right? Supernatural powers, superpowers, it’s all the same…

Fullmetal Alchemist 3-in-1 vol. 3 by Hiromu Arakawa
Alchemists have powers that count as superpowers, right? I’m stretching this here, but I couldn’t care less. I feel like it fits! I’m really enjoying this manga, so I’m taking any excuse to add it to my reading list for the month.

Have you read any of these books? Which ones should I read first?

June reading prompts | monthly random TBR

If you’ve been following my blog for a few months, you’re probably familiar with these posts already. If you’re not, no worries! Here’s what the monthly prompts entail. Every month, I choose 3 or 4 prompts from the Popsugar 2019 reading challenge with a random number generator. This guides my to-read list for the month somewhat, but doesn’t set anything in stone. As a mood reader, this is the perfect way of creating a TBR.

I started off really well with this challenge. The first few months, I always completed my prompts. April was a bit more challenging with the O.W.Ls readathon happening, so I cut myself some slack there. Then came May… I didn’t read all that much in May, and only managed to tick off 1 prompt. I’m not punishing myself for this, however, since there are quite a lot of months left.

Let’s see what June has in store for me!

a book you think should be turned into a movie

Isn’t this quite hard to pick if I haven’t read the book yet? I guess I’ll have to go with first impressions of the cover and synopsis here.

I’ve had a copy of There’s Someone Inside Your House on my shelf for about 2 years now, so it’s high time for me to read it. In my opinion, it fits for this prompt because it’s marketed as similar to Scream Queens, which is already a TV show. I could also pick up Blood for Blood for this challenge, because it’s about a motorcycle race in a world in which the Axis powers won WWII. Perfect movie material! Speaking of WWII, another option I have is The Girl With the Red Balloon. While this is not set during WWII, it does take place in East Berlin in 1988. It’s about a girl who is on a school trip to Berlin, sees a red balloon, takes it, and is transported to East Berlin during the Cold War. I can already envision this scene in a movie.

a book featuring an extinct or imaginary creature

This is such a fun prompt!

I still have a copy of The Priory of the Orange Tree from the library, which I’d like to read soon. It’s an epic fantasy standalone with dragons, so perfect for this challenge. However, I have a lot to read in June already, and Priory is a huge book. I might go for Jurassic Park instead, which I still have never read or watched. A third possibility is Throne of Jade, the second book in the Temeraire series. I started this series a little while ago, and then found the sequel in a used bookshop. It’s a historical fiction series with dragons!

a book with an item of clothing or an accessory on the cover

Honestly, there are so many options on my shelf for this prompt. Having people on the cover is still a very popular thing in cover design, and (luckily) these people happen to be dressed in clothes. Here are just a few options already. I could pick up The School for Good and Evil, which is a middle grade fantasy. Longbourn is also an option. It’s a retelling of Pride and Prejudice from the perspective of a servant. A manga possibility is We Were There, a contemporary romance. Lastly, I could also go for Changeling, a historical fiction with fantasy elements.

I’ve only picked 3 for June since I managed to complete so little last month, and don’t want to put extra pressure on myself. I’m really happy with the challenges the random number generator picked. They seem like so much fun, and I hope I’ll be able to finish a book for each of them.

Have you read any of these? Which ones should I pick up first? 

May prompts | monthly TBR challenges

I’ve been doing these monthly prompts since January, and I really like it. April wasn’t as successful as the previous months because I participated in a month-long readathon as well, and there’s only so much I can read. This will probably be the case for May as well, but I think it’ll be easier to combine this month’s prompts with the Asian readathon.

If you haven’t read one of these posts before, I use a random number generator to pick 4 prompts from the Popsugar 2019 reading challenge to guide my reading every month. It gives me some direction and push, but doesn’t give me a set TBR (which never really works well for me).

Let’s take a look at the challenges for May!

a book published in 2019

holy sister

Finally an easy challenge! Last month, I received my pre-order of Holy Sister by Mark Lawrence, the third book in the Book of the Ancestor series, and I still haven’t read it. Since the previous two books were on my favorite books of last year list, I can’t wait to read the conclusion to the trilogy. MY FAVORITES BETTER BE OKAY, MARK.

a book written by a musician

every heart a doorway

I had to do some digging for this prompt, not going to lie. I didn’t really feel like reading a biography (although that might change during the month of May) so I felt a bit discouraged here. Then I discovered that Seanan McGuire is a musician, thanks to the lovely Goodreads group dedicated to completing the Popsugar challenge. Every Heart a Doorway has been on my to-read list for a while and it’s quite short so I should be able to read this in May.

a retelling of a classic

I have two options for this prompt! Longbourn is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice told through the eyes of a servant of the Bennet family. I’ve had a copy ever since I read P&P in late 2016, and still haven’t picked it up. This is the perfect time to change that! I might end up listening to The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein instead though, which is available on Scribd. I’m intrigued by this retelling of Frankenstein, but I haven’t heard the best things about the book in reviews…

zodiac sign or astrology term in the title

Another novel that has been sitting on my bookshelf, still unread, for ages is A Thousand Splendid Suns. I’m so intimidated by Khaled Hosseini’s works, and I have no idea why. I need to get over this ridiculous fear I won’t like it, and just pick it up. If I somehow still don’t get to that one, I can pick up Starfish on Scribd instead. I honestly have no idea what this is about, all I remember is that the main character is half-Japanese and has social anxiety.

There you have it, my monthly prompts for May! I think achieving these should be doable, right? I can even read the books for the last prompt for the Asian readathon as well, which is perfect. I’m all for combining challenges. Have you read any of these books? Which ones should I get to first? I’d love to hear your opinion!

April prompts | my monthly to-read list

In 2019, I’m using monthly prompts to set a to-read list for myself. If you haven’t read my previous to-read lists for January, February or March, all I do is use a random number generator to pick 3 or 4 prompts from the 2019 Popsugar Reading Challenge. I then try to match the chosen prompts of the month with books on my TBR (both physical and digital) or borrowed books. It works quite well, because it gives me something to focus on, but doesn’t tie me to a specific read.

April’s to-read list will be especially tentative, because I do want to participate in the O.W.Ls/the Magical Readathon which takes place this month. If you want to see what I plan on reading for that, you can do so here. Let’s take a look at the prompts the number generator picked for us this time!


The Blade Itself (First Law #1) by Joe Abercrombie
I picked up a beautiful copy of this novel at YALC in 2017, and still haven’t read it. From what I gathered from the synopsis, it follows a barbarian, a nobleman, an inquisitor, and a wizard. Sign me up, beccuase that’s everything I love about fantasy novels.

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes
Another book I picked up at YALC, although this one I bought in 2018. It’s a YA contemporary novel about a girl who was raised in a cult, rebelled, and was punished by the removal of her hands.

a book with a plant in the title or on the cover

Age of Myth (Legends of the First Empire #1) by Michael J. Sullivan
Someone make me read this immediately. It’s been on my shelf for years, I’ve added it to countless to-read lists, and it was written by one of my favorite fantasy authors. I’m so disappointed in myself for not having read this yet.

Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta
This book has both trees on the cover and in the title! I mentioned it in last month’s to-read list as well, but didn’t manage to pick it up. Under the Udala Trees is set in Nigeria, and was inspired by its folktales and war.

Wintersong (Wintersong #1) by S. Jae-Jones
I’ve had this fantasy novel on my Kindle for a while, but keep putting it off. I was really excited about this book before it was released, but then started hearing not-so-great things from other reviewers. I do want to give it a try though, so I might as well do it in April.

a book featuring an amateur detective

Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson
Her Every Fear follows a woman called Kate, who switches houses with her cousin in Boston for a while to change her environment. She experiences anxiety and panic attacks regularly, after her ex-boyfriend abducted her and tried to kill her. She figures that changing her environment from London to Boston will do her some good. Shortly after she moves, she finds out that her new neighbor has been murdered and Kate becomes involved in the mystery. That counts as an amateur detective, right?

The Broken Girls by Simone St. James
This dual timeline thriller plays out both in 1950 and 2014 at the Idlewild Hall for Unwanted Girls. In 1950, 4 roommates are trading secrets and whispers when one of them disappears. In 2014, journalist Fiona Sheridan discovers that a body has been found during the renovations of the school. She can’t forget that her sister went missing near the Hall 20 years earlier either, so Fiona decides to investigate.

a book revolving around a puzzle or game

The Three-Body Problem (Remembrance of Earth’s Past #1) by Cixin Liu
I recently made an acquisition request for this book at my local library, and was over the moon when the request was granted. Perfectly in time for this month’s prompt. Apparently, part of this book is about a VR game? I’m not entirely clear on the details of that one, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

The Eight (The Eight #1) by Katherine Neville
This book has been on my Kindle for ages. I bought it because I picked up the second book in this series in a secondhand bookstore by accident. Well, I didn’t buy it by accident, I just wasn’t aware it was part of a series. So I have to read this one first, before I can get to the sequel. I’m curious to see how this one goes, because the main character is a ‘computer expert’ and this novel was written in the 80s…

I’ve got my April to-read list sorted! Like I mentioned, this is a loose TBR especially because the magical readathon is taking place this month too. Have you read any of these books? Which ones should I read and review first?


March prompts | my reading challenges for the upcoming month

This might be the post I look forward to writing most every month! If you’re unaware, I’ve started a new way of creating monthly to-read lists I can actually stick to. I use a random number generator to select 3 to 4 prompts of the Popsugar 2019 reading challenge at the start of every month. I then try to match my owned book (physical or digital) to the selected prompts. If I don’t have any that could fit, I’ll check the library or my audiobook subscription service next.

Here are the posts I wrote in January and February! I’m really loving this way of putting together a TBR. I actually manage to stick to them because I don’t set the books in stone.

What will I end up reading in March?

a book you see someone reading in a movie or on TV

When I did my research for this topic, I immediately thought of the Rory Gilmore reading challenge! Rory is often seen reading in Gilmore Girls, and people have put together a list of books she has featured. Now I only have to match my to-read list to hers!

sense and sansibility

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen 
This is one of the books Rory Gilmore is seen reading, and it’s the perfect time for me to read another classic. I’ve read quite a few books by Jane Austen, and have enjoyed all of them so far. I’m hoping this will be no exception! I got a copy from the library for this prompt, as I didn’t own any of the books in the challenge yet.

a book written by an author from Asia, Africa or South America

We Were There Vol. 1 by Yuki Obata
I picked this volume of manga up on a whim in a secondhand book haul, and I still haven’t read it. I have no clue what it’s about either. I was intrigued by the premise when I bought it, then promptly forgot it.

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 1 by Hiromu Arakawa
I’ve never watched the anime nor read the manga, and I’m looking to change that soon! I also bought this secondhand because these volumes aren’t cheap and I’m not sure I’ll end up loving it. I hope I will! I think this will be a quick read, so I might pick this up if I end up not having a lot of time.

Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta
All I know about Under the Udala Trees is that it’s an #ownvoices novel set in Nigeria, based on the country’s folktales and war.

If the Dress Fits by Carla de Guzman
This seems like a contemporary novel I will end up absolutely loving. It has a plus-size main character and a best friends to lovers trope (I presume) under the cover of fake dating. Everything I absolutely love! The author is from the Philippines.

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
I’ve had this book on my shelf for so long, and still haven’t read it. For some reason, I find Khaled Hosseini’s works quite intimidating and haven’t been brave enough to give his books a go. I need to change that, starting with the book I actually own a copy of.

Sorcerer to the Crown (Sorcerer Royal #1) by Zen Cho
If I put this book on my to-read lists enough, I might actually end up reading this. Someone explain to me why I keep putting it off? I have no idea, because it sounds absolutely epic!

a book by two female authors

The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen
I have no idea what this is about, but I’ve seen this cover everywhere in the past few months and it seems like an interesting mystery/thriller novel!

An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen
These two authors have co-written two books, and I’m not sure which I’ll end up reading first. Both are available on the audiobook app(s) that I use, so I could choose either. If I’m not mistaken, this one is about women who participate in an ethics study on morality.

My Lady Jane (The Lady Janies #1) by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows
When this came out a few years ago, everyone in the bookish community seemed to love it. I still haven’t read it! Once again, this is available on the audiobook app(s) I use, so I might choose this as my audiobook of the month.

Autoboyography by Christina Lauren
Christina Lauren is a pseudonym for two authors, making their books the perfect fit for this prompt. I might go with Autoboyography which is available as an audiobook, or I might end up buying one of their new adult contemporaries instead. I’ve been in a romance novel mood lately…

a book that includes a wedding

The Wrath and the Dawn (The Wrath and the Dawn #1) by Renée Ahdieh
I’ve had an ebook copy of The Wrath and the Dawn for years, and I still haven’t read it. I know, it’s embarrassing! Especially since so many bookish bloggers and vloggers love this series. For some reason, I’m afraid I won’t like it…

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1) by George R.R. Martin
I might reread Game of Thrones in March. I know, ambitious… There’s definitely a wedding in here, although probably not a happy one. The final season of the show will start in April and I’m so not ready because I’m several seasons behind on the show. Maybe I’ll reread this book, or maybe I’ll try to watch multiple seasons worth of the show in one month. Who knows?

There you have it, my monthly prompts for March! I’m really loving this system of picking out a monthly to-read list. It’s not too restricting, but it does push me towards certain books. So far, I’ve been able to fulfill the chosen prompts every month! Have you read any of these books? Which should I pick up first?

February Prompts

At the start of the year, I wrote my first ‘monthly prompts’ post, called January PromptsIt was a new way for me to tackle regular to-read/TBR piles because I am the worst at following through with them. I love making to-read lists for readathons, and fitting them together with the challenges provided. But when left to my own devices as I make a monthly (or even seasonal) TBR, I end up reading every book except the ones on my list.

So I decided to create my monthly TBRs for 2019 in a similar manner to the ones I create when participating in a readalong: by following prompts and challenges. I use the Popsugar 2019 Reading Challenge‘s 40 challenges as prompts. Through a random number generator, I pick 3 or 4 prompts per month I want to complete. It allows me to be flexible enough to switch books around that fulfill the prompt, but gives me some direction too.

It appears to really work for me, because I managed to fulfill all 4 prompts for January! I read so much last month, and am glad to have read some books that had been on my to-read list for a while.

So here are the prompts that will guide (some of) my reading throughout February!

Read a book by an author whose first and last name start with the same letter


For this prompt, I have 4 books on my physical TBR that could fit.

The Mime Order (Bone Season #2) by Samantha Shannon
I started this series in 2016, and still haven’t continued. I have no idea why because I absolutely adored the first book, The Bone Season. Maybe this will be the push I need to finally continue the series!

Noteworthy by Riley Redgate
If I’m not feeling up to reading a dense SFF book like The Mime Order, I could decide to pick up Noteworthy instead. This is a YA contemporary in which a girl disguises as a boy to join an all-male a cappella group in order to finally get a prominent role and showcase her talent.

His Majesty’s Dragon (Temeraire #1) by Naomi Novik
Another one that could complete this challenge is Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series. If I’m not mistaken, this series is a mix of historical fiction and fantasy and is set during the Napoleonic Wars but with dragons. That sounds absolutely epic, and once again I have no idea why this has been on my shelf for so long and I still haven’t read it.

The Valiant (The Valiant #1) by Lesley Livingston
I actually have a translated copy of this book, which is called Onverschrokken. I bought the Dutch translation in a book sale last year (or the year before? what is time) but somehow reading a translated version intimidates me. Ridiculous, considering Dutch is actually my first language. This is a YA historical fiction novel set in the Roman Empire during Caesar’s rule.

Read a book that takes place in a single day


The Dinner by Herman Koch
I’m not entirely sure this takes place in one day, but that’s what a list on the internet told me. I guess I’ll find out when I read it? This is about two families who have dinner together at a fashionable restaurant in Amsterdam. Behind their seemingly normal conversation hides a conflict; their 15-year-old sons have committed a horrifying act.

Neverworld Wake by Marisha Pessl
If I’m not mistaken, this novel follows 5 friends who are stuck repeating the same day over and over again. I loved Night Film by Marisha Pessl, and I’m really excited to read more of her works. I don’t own a copy of this myself, but Scribd has the audiobook! I’m hoping to make this my audiobook of the month in February.

Read a book about a hobby

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what to make of this topic. Should I read a nonfiction book about one of my hobbies? Should I read a book in which the main character shares a hobby of mine? Or should I read a fiction book in which the character simply has a prominent hobby? I don’t know.


How to Find Love in a Bookshop by Veronica Henry
I have a copy of this novel on my Kindle – actually, all the possible reads for this prompt are ebooks. I seriously need to start reading the endless amount of books I have on my ereader. I tend to forget about them since they’re not staring at me from my shelf. This novel follows a woman who returns to her Cotswold hometown the rescue her family’s bookstore. Obviously, since you’re reading this blog post, you know that reading is my #1 hobby.

From Twinkle with Love by Sandhya Menon
From Twinkle with Love follows two films geeks who are making a movie together for the upcoming Summer Festival. While the characters want to become filmmakers and movies are not simply a hobby to them, watching movies is most definitely a hobby of mine. One I need to explore more in 2019 as I watched a sad amount of movies last year.

The Girl from Everywhere (The Girl from Everywhere #1) by Heidi Heilig
I know, this book is kind of a stretch for this topic… We’re going with it anyway! The Girl from Everywhere follows Nix who has spent her entire life aboard her father’s ship. Together they travel the world, across the centuries. It’s travel + time travel! Now, time travel clearly isn’t a hobby of mine because unfortunately I’m incapable of doing so. Regular travel, however, is one of my favorite things on Earth. A lot of my happy and joyful memories are from trips I’ve taken around the world. That counts, right?

Reread a favorite book


Shadow and Bone (Grisha #1) by Leigh Bardugo
January marked the release of King of Scars, which is a novel set in the Grishaverse focused on Nikolai. Although I’m really excited to read it, and sincerely hoping to avoid spoilers, I feel like I’m not ready to pick that book up yet. It’s been years since I’ve read the Grisha trilogy, and I feel like I’m due for a reread first.

Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin #1) by Robin Lafevers
Another trilogy I want to reread this year. In 2019, Courting Darkness will be released which is a continuation of this series. When I first read the 3 books currently out, they were simply a trilogy. Now they’re adding more books, which I find really exciting! I remember adoring this series about assassin nuns in 15th century France!

I’m really excited about this month’s prompts! I was so happy when the random number generator gave me the ‘reread a favorite book’ challenge, since it’s the perfect time to do so – with the release of Courting Darkness and King of Scars, that is. Have you read any of these books? Which should I read first? Do you know of any other books that take place in one day?

January Prompts – a new way of tackling my TBR

I am notoriously bad at reading TBRs. I think making them is so much fun, but I never actually stick to them. I’m such a mood reader, and sticking to a rigid to-read list sucks the fun out of reading for me. However, I have noticed that I tend to read more when I’m challenged, or guided by prompts like I am during readathons. That’s why I decided to do ‘monthly prompts‘.

How does it work?

Simple. Every month, I choose around 3 or 4 prompts from the 2019 Popsugar reading list through a random number generator. I let it generate a number, look at the corresponding challenge, and go through my TBR (both physical and e-books). Then, I make a list op possible reads to fulfill the challenge. It doesn’t create a TBR that’s set in stone, but does challenge me to read certain books.

Let’s take a look at the 4 prompts for January.

Read a book with a two-word title

I have quite a few possibilities for this prompt on my existing TBR, and I haven’t even listed them all. I’ll probably choose one of these 4 for this challenge!

Train Man by Hitori Nakano
I’ve mentioned this quite a few times already since buying it in the fall of 2018, but I want to read it soon. This isn’t a book I want to have on my to-read shelf for years. I want to read a book from an author from every country in the world, and this is a Japanese novel. It sounds so adorable as well, even if it’s a bit ‘older’.

Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse #1) by James S.A. Corey
I found this book in a secondhand bookstore, and was so pleased with myself! I actually have no idea what this is about. All I know is that it’s a science fiction novel/series.

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
I’ve never watched nor read Jurassic Park. Cue horrified gasps… I know! I’m going to remedy that, however, by reading the book and watching the adaptation in 2019. Maybe in January, maybe later on. Who knows?

Down Station by Simon Morden
I bought this book at YALC 2018, mostly because of the cover. Relax, I’m kidding. The cover is the reason I picked it up off the table, but the synopsis is what sold me. This is about a group of people who are in a subway when the apocalypse starts, and escape through a service tunnel that leads to a different world.

Read a book about a family

It appears that I, once again, have multiple books on my to-read shelf that fit this prompt! That’s the upside of having quite a lot of books you haven’t read yet, I guess. I’ll pick one of these for this challenge!

No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished (Heartstrikers #3) by Rachel Aaron
Not a very traditional family, but a family nonetheless. The Heartstrikers series follows Julius and his family, the Heartstriker clan. They are Dragons, and Julius has always been an outcast because he is too nice. All he wants is to be left alone to do his own thing. Unfortunately, that’s not an acceptable path for a dragon.

The Dinner by Herman Koch
If I’m not mistaken, The Dinner follows two couples who are having dinner together at a restaurant. Each couple has a fifteen-year-old son, and the guys have committed a horrifying act. That’s all I want to know before starting this one.

Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah
It’s been a while since I’ve read a Kristin Hannah book – the last one destroyed me. In this story, we follow two sisters and their mother who come together to tell a certain story one more time. It was their father’s dying wish for them to do so. I’m intrigued, and can’t wait to find out more.

read a book with an LGBTQ+ main character

Another prompt for which I have a few possibilities. This time, I don’t own any of these as a physical copy, but an ebook instead. Which ones will I choose from?

That Feeling When (#lovehim #1) by S.M. James
I’m not entirely sure what this is about, I do know it’s has an m/m romance. I think I prefer going into contemporaries not knowing much so I can discover the story by myself.

Chasing Nirvana by Ellyn Oaksmith
This novel is set in the 1990s, and centers around a f/f romance! I really need to read more books with women loving women, as there are sadly far too little of those books. It follows Fran, who is just trying to make it through high school. Her comfortable (and invisible) life ends when she is suddenly nominated for prom queen, and needs to convince Nirvana to perform at her prom. Which means? ROAD TRIP!

Solve for i by A.E. Dooland
Solve for i follows 28-year-old Gemma, who has just discovered she isn’t actually straight. How? By realizing she has fallen in love with her best friend, Sarah. That sounds so adorable, and probably super angsty, but I really want to read this! I think I’ll probably end up picking this one.

a book based on a true story

the tattooist of AuschwitzSurprisingly, I think I only have one book on my current TBR that fits this prompt. I have a lot of historical fiction, but I didn’t think those were specific enough to count as ‘based on a true story’. They are based on true events instead. This one, however, is based on an actual person’s life and experiences in Auschwitz!

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris
As this is the only book on my TBR that fits this challenge, I guess I’ll have to read it in January! This follows a man who is a prisoner in Auschwitz-Birkenau, and can speak multiple languages. Because of this, he is put in charge of marking his fellow prisoners forever by tattooing their number into their arms.

I’m intrigued to see whether this type of TBR actually works for me. It’s not set in stone, which makes it easier for this mood reader. But it does challenge me and give me some guidance! I guess you’ll find out at the end of the month.
Have you read any of these books? Which ones should I pick?